Can You See Last Seen on Whatsapp if Blocked?

Introduced in 2009, WhatsApp is one of the first applications to offer free, internet-based messaging to its users. This Facebook-owned app lets you make voice and video calls to anyone across the globe. You can also share status on the platform by using your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

view someone's whatsapp last seen if they blocked you

Want to know the best part? WhatsApp works on desktops and laptops, too, so that you can carry on with conversations whenever you want with a decent internet connection.

WhatsApp automatically recognizes the contacts in your phone’s address list who use the app. Furthermore, you also get the option to invite people who do not use WhatsApp, and you can interact with individuals on the platform without even saving their numbers.

The app takes special consideration of your privacy. From offering a two-step verification process to letting you hide your statuses from specific users, WhatsApp does it all for you.

WhatsApp also lets its users block unwanted contacts. There might arise situations when people get messages from unknown numbers or get involved in heated arguments with somebody they already know. In such cases, they can block these persons as it ceases their communication altogether.

If someone has blocked you, the messages you have sent will no longer be delivered to them, and you will not be able to call or video-call them either. Before answering your question, “How to see someone’s last seen on WhatsApp if they blocked you?” let us understand what exactly is the last seen feature on WhatsApp.

What Does Last Seen on Whatsapp Indicate?

When you text someone on WhatsApp, you might get curious to know whether or not they have checked out your messages. The tick marks next to every message do help, of course.

However, you can also look at their last seen status to know when they had opened the app last to send a message, view someone’s status or do something else on WhatsApp. This feature lets you know the date and the time when your contact was seen last on WhatsApp.

Reasons Why You Can’t See Your Contact’s Last Seen on WhatsApp

There are two main reasons why you might not be able to view your contacts’ last seen. The most obvious reason is that they might have chosen to hide it by setting their privacy. And the second one might be that you have set your last seen to Nobody. In this case, neither you nor your contacts would be able to view each others’ last seen on WhatsApp. Lastly, if someone has blocked you on the platform, their last seen won’t be visible.

Now that we have gone through the reasons you might not be able to view your contact’s last seen on WhatsApp, let us have a fair idea of whether it is possible to check someone’s last seen on WhatsApp if they have blocked you.

Can You See Last Seen on Whatsapp if Blocked?

Yes, you can see last seen on Whatsapp if blocked. However, the process isn’t very straightforward and might take some time. There are essentially two ways to go about it. Let us have a close look at the methods one by one.

How to Check Whatsapp Seen if Whatsapp

1. Delete and Create Your Whatsapp Account

You can be able to view someone’s last seen who has blocked you on WhatsApp by deleting and re-building your Account. Curious to know how to do it? Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Switch on your mobile and open your WhatsApp. Tap on the three dots icon, which is visible at the top right corner of your mobile screen. This icon appears above the Calls option and lies next to the search icon.

Step 2: A list of options appears on your screen. At the bottom, you can find Settings. Tap on it

Step 3: Once the Settings screen opens, you can find Account right at the top of the list. Please give it a tap.

Step 4: After that, the Account screen appears on your mobile screen. At the bottom, you can find the Delete my Account option, with a dustbin icon next to it. You need to tap on it.

Step 5: Once the Delete my account screen appears, choose your country code and put your phone number in the required fields.

Step 6: Once you complete the steps mentioned above, give a tap on the Delete My Account button, which appears at the bottom of your mobile screen.

Step 7: After this, your Account gets deleted. Now, you are required to sign up for WhatsApp all over again.

Now you can easily interact with someone who has blocked you, and you can see their last seen too. However, it is essential to note that you will be able to view it only if they have set their last seen to Everyone or My Contacts. Similarly, you need to set it to Everyone or My Contacts too. Apart from the method mentioned above, there is another procedure that you can follow.

2. Ask Third Person to Create Whatsapp Group

In this procedure, you need to request one of your contacts to make a WhatsApp group, including you and the person who has blocked you. After it has been created, the individual who has blocked you can read all the messages you send in the group. You can ask them to unblock you. After they have unblocked you, you will be able to see their last seen

As already mentioned, you should keep in mind to set your last seen to Everyone or My contacts if you want to view the other individual’s last seen. Also, if the person chooses to keep their last seen private, we can’t help it.

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