How to Find Exact Date When Your Google Account Was Created

A lot of information is been collected by Google for their users and the activities they are doing online. The people who have Google Account understand that the company takes information that is extensively reliable. Some companies are much deceptive for gathering the right information. Some individuals have the ability to see what Google collects for them and to get rid of some of it.

find exact date when your google account was created

If your account gets locked due to some reason, the date of recovery can make it easy to regain it. It’s worth finding out and collecting the information by any of the tools. Our article will help you find the answer to your every question.

How to Find out the Creation Date of your Google Account?

Usually, many users don’t remember the date when they created their account. The folks at Google had made it possible to find out the original creativity and operating it.

Some of the details will let you know the creative date of your account.

  • Looking at your POP settings.
  • Search for the welcome email.
  • Try Google Takeout

1. Looking at the POP setting

The POP settings are within the Gmail Account. This option will make you find designed options for making changes in the mail app.

If you want to explore the Settings area, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the gear icon at the top-right corner
  • All settings should be selected to open a new section.
  • Select forwarding POP/MAP and navigate to the section that says POP Downloads.
  • Look at the status.

The status would be seen as POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived in date. Everyone is not able to see this; it depends on lucks!

2. Finding the Welcome Email

A welcome Email is sent on the same day when a new Google account is created. This would be the first email that arrives in your Gmail account. If you find this, you will get no problem figuring out when your account was created.

Follow these steps to find this mail:

  • Tap on the All Mail folder.
  • Navigate to the section at the top-right which shows the number of emails in your Gmail account.
  • By selecting the Oldest and right way, you will come across the creation of Google account mail.

The welcome message will be at the top if you haven’t deleted it at that moment. This is the only simple way to figure out the creation of your Gmail account.

3. Trying Google takeout

This service helps you to export Google data into various formats. When Google+ was created, you were able to discover the foundation mail of your creation account. This is now no longer possible. Google Takeouts might be useful now but it requires manual settings.

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