Can You See Who Views Your SoundCloud Profile?

To anyone who also loves singing songs in addition to listening to them and wants to share their songs with the world, SoundCloud is the best destination to hang around. SoundCloud is a music streaming platform that allows you to play music, listen to the latest songs, and discover exclusive music from artists you love.

can you see who views your soundcloud profile

But in addition to all of that, SoundCloud also provides a unique service to its users– the ability to upload any piece of music or sound. This feature of SoundCloud distinguishes it from most other music streaming platforms, making it more social.

Users can not only listen to songs uploaded by other fellow users but also like them, comment on them, and repost them on the platform. These interactions make the platform a go-to place for music lovers who want to express their musical interests to the world. Moreover, they help us discover budding music creators and singers in an interesting way.

If you are someone who loves uploading music on SoundCloud, you must be interested in knowing detailed info about your account’s statistics– who listens to your songs, likes them, and even visits your profile. But how much of this data is visible?

Can you see who listens to your songs? Can you see who visited your SoundCloud profile? We will be answering these questions in the next few questions, so keep reading until the end.

Can You See Who Views Your SoundCloud Profile?

Being a music streaming platform with a social touch, SoundCloud offers some interesting social features. The platform enables users to not only listen to the songs of other users but also express their opinions on the songs.

Users can actually comment and repost songs, making the platform worth trying out at least once. These features make SoundCloud a much-desired platform for music lovers who want to make their name in the music world.

If you are eager to level up your SoundCloud game, you need to know many insights about your account and song plays. But does SoundCloud let you view who views your profile?

The answer is ‘NO.’ SoundCloud does not let you view who views your profile. The platform is a bit like social media for music. And likewise, it behaves like most other social media platforms when it comes to deciding whether to show users their profile viewers.

Although you cannot see your profile viewers on SoundCloud, the platform allows you to see some other valuable pieces of information to see the performance of your sounds and tracks. The Insights feature on the platform can help you view some key metrics about your songs and tracks, and we will be talking about it now.

What is the Insights feature on SoundCloud?

Step 1: Open the SoundCloud app and log into your account. You can log in by typing your email address and password. Or, you can log in through your Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

Step 2: After logging in, you will land on the app’s Home tab. But you need to go to the Library tab. Tap on the icon at the bottom right that looks like a vertical pile of three books.

Step 3: You will see your profile picture at the top-right corner of the Library page. Tap on it to go to your profile screen.

Step 4: Several options are present on the profile screen. Tap on the Your Insights option.

can you see who views your soundcloud profile

Step 5: The Your Insights screen is the storehouse of data related to your tracks. Just below the Overview, you will see the option to choose whether you will see data for the last seven days, 30 days, 12 months, and all time. You can also set a custom range for which you want to view the info.

can you see who views your soundcloud profile

Step 6: After selecting the time range, you can see the number of plays you have got during that duration, the number of likes, and comments.

can you see who views your soundcloud profile

Below all this info, you will have three sections: Top Tracks, Top listeners, and Top locations. Scroll down the screen to view this data.

Wrapping it up

SoundCloud offers a wide range of options to those who want to share and listen to music on the platform. The platform not only allows users to upload any soundtrack for the world to hear but also lets them like and comment on tracks uploaded by others.

In this blog, we have discussed whether you can know who views your profile on SoundCloud. Although you cannot see the view history of your SoundCloud profile, you can have a peek at a lot of other pieces of information, such as the number of plays, likes, comments, top listeners, top locations, and so on. Additionally, we have also discussed how having a premium membership can disclose some other data as well.

With that, we come to the end of this blog. If you feel this blog was helpful, help others by sharing the blog with them. If you have any questions, drop them off right away.

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