How to Find WiFi Password With IP Address (WiFI IP Address Password Show)

WiFi Address to Password: In today’s day and age, many people have WiFi installed in their houses. We all use this wireless router because it can connect to several devices at once. The advent of this wireless technology is beneficial and welcome in corporate offices, libraries, cafes, and different schools as well.

find wifi password using ip address

Forgetting or losing your WiFi password is not uncommon. It is possible for you to forget the Password if it’s complicated and you haven’t saved it someplace. But what if you wish to need to immediately rejoin the network? What should you do in that case?

You shouldn’t worry because you can definitely find the WiFi password using the IP address.

So, are you curious to know how to do it? Let’s check out the blog now without further ado to learn everything.

How to Find WiFi Password With IP Address (WiFi IP Address Password Show)

A common misconception among us is that viewing the WiFi password requires rooting the smartphone, although this is definitely wrong. You can certainly accomplish it without rooting, but there are a few requirements you need to be aware of.

You must be connected to a WiFi network on your phone in order to find out a WiFi Password. And everyone is aware that once your device connects to the network, the information will remain saved on your device.

Don’t worry if anything we’re saying is unclear to you; the steps we’ve listed below should help.

Step 1: Go to Settings and find the WiFi option. Tap on it to head to the WiFi page with the SSID.

Step 2: You need to hit the i icon to view the IPv4 address.

You can also tap on the right arrow on the WiFi name to head to the IPv4 address. The settings alter on different phones.

Step 3: Here, find the IPv4 address/Gateway option. Note down the address and replace the last digit with 1.

If the IP address is, you should enter

Step 4: In the next step, you should open the replaced address on your web browser. So, copy the address and enter it into the browser.

Step 5: Enter the username and Password. Tap on the Login button.

You can verify these details on the router. So, if you have access to it, view its lower section. You can also check out the default username and password combinations, such as Admin and Password.

Step 6: In the left panel, you will see a section titled Wireless basics. Tap on it to view the Password.

Keep in mind that if the Password is hidden, you can reveal it by selecting the available option.

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