How to Create Facebook Account Without Phone Number

Facebook is very familiar to people all around the world. It plays a vital role in all our lives. Not only Facebook but also WhatsApp and Instagram, since Facebook is the parent for the latter. It has become an un-neglectable part of our lives. I clearly remember creating my Facebook account. During high school, 90s kids couldn’t get over Facebook fever. It was the era of Facebook. Instead of changing pleasantries, we all exchanged our ID names. And I’m not kidding; academic competitions lost their hype to Facebook.

create facebook account without phone number

We all competed to reach the highest friend list numbers among our friends. The kid who had nearly a thousand people on his Facebook friend list was considered popular in class and school to an extent. Well, the academic mark never seems to defeat the Facebook Mark. I bet everyone had that guy or girl in their classes, right? That was the time when we didn’t even have mail IDs of our own.

As naïve as we were, and little did we know, we signed up using our mobile numbers. Who knew about the plans of Zuckerberg back then? We all can say that Facebook was the popularity meter in high school with its uprisal. Now with swarming scammers and looping cybercrimes, the internet has become a haunting place with the howling notification sounds and thunder-like flash of messages.

Do you want to create your Facebook account without using your mobile number? That’s illogical to ask considering, that is why you are here. Keep reading to find alternative ways to create your account without giving in your phone number.

No mobile number, you say? We hear you.

How to Create Facebook Account without Phone Number

1. We Can Always Turn Back To Email ID

Step 1: To create your account, you need to visit the Facebook website first.

Step 2: You can see a dialogue box appear asking for the details to log in. But we are not focusing on it right now. You can find an option “create new account” right below the dialogue box. Select that option to proceed further.

Step 3: Then again, a dialogue box appears asking the following details,

  • First name and surname,
  • Mobile number or email ID (you can give you mail here),
  • Password,
  • Date of Birth, and
  • Gender.

Fill in the necessary details in the dialogue box.

Step 4: After filling in your details, you can find an eye-catching green color tab below that says “sign-up.” Click it away.

And voila, there is your account!

2. Why not try the Gmail dot trickery. Ooohhh, a trick, yes!

Step 1: Go to the Fake Mail Generator website.

Step 2: Type in your name and select the website address in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: After choosing your web address. Click on the “copy” tab that shows beside the dialogue box.

Step 4: Go to the Facebook website and choose the “create an account” option.

Step 5: In the series of details below, find the column asking email or phone number. Then, effortlessly paste the fake mail address you created a few minutes ago.

And after signing up, your Facebook account is ready to use.

Additional points for your benefit,

You will also a verification mail on the fake mail you created. Verify your Facebook account using the link provided in the mail.

You can also use and for the same purpose. The provided sites are alternatives for Fake Mail Generator.

3. We Have A Similar Trick For Phone Numbers As Well!

Step 1: Go to Receive an Online SMS website.

Step 2: Choose your country.

Step 3: A number will display on the screen. If not, choose a number from the choices given.

Step 4: Copy that selected number, and you should paste it on the mobile number column while signing up.

Step 5: Hit the “sign up” button.

Your account is ready, and then you can proceed further to update your Facebook account with your profile picture and privacy settings.

We are waiting for an important update or message, then you rush towards your phone brushing everything to steer clear out of your way. You receive a message reading that you have 8 notifications on Facebook.

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