Where to Find Browsing History on Facebook App?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms of all time. Even today, after thousands of similar platforms, have entered and won over the market, they can’t hold a candle to Facebook’s popularity. In fact, Facebook has nearly three billion monthly active users in the first place, while Instagram has two billion monthly active users in second place. The margin indicates that Instagram isn’t going to first place any time soon.

where to find browsing history on facebook app

This is highly inconsistent because the younger generations don’t like Facebook at all! Instagram and Snapchat are the preferred social media for teenagers and young adults today, so why is Facebook still at the top and far from losing its position?

Firstly, even though users claim they don’t like it, everyone you know has a Facebook account and regularly checks in, too. This is because, at this point, Facebook is more than just a social media platform; it’s a mandatory social requirement.

This is because Facebook is one of the oldest social media networking sites. You can find everyone there, from your new neighbor to your primary school teacher and your favorite babysitter. This unintended dependency has helped Facebook way more than Mark Zuckerberg could’ve ever anticipated.

Secondly, Facebook still has a whole generation captured under its spell: the baby boomers. For those who haven’t used Facebook in a while, it’s regularly updated with state-of-the-art features from Instagram. Story and reels are also a part of the app, so Facebook knows how to keep its current clientele happy.

If things were a little different, Facebook would be even more successful than it is today. There was a time when teenagers were curious about Facebook and even used it regularly. Had Facebook introduced more features suited for a younger audience, then maybe Instagram wouldn’t be as famous as it is today.

However, it looks like Facebook chose the audience it did have over the audience it could’ve had, and that’s a wise move, don’t you think? There was always a chance that young people disliked Facebook because of its overall design, not a lack of newer features.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss where you can find your browsing history on Facebook. Stay with us till the end of this blog to learn all there is to know about it!

Where to Find Browsing History on Facebook App?

Forty years ago, it wasn’t possible to find what your friend from high school was doing at any given moment. However, the internet has changed many things, one of them being the limits of communication.

Today, all you need to find a friend from high school is to type in their full name on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or as a last resort, on Google. They always have some digital footprint: maybe it’s their inactive LinkedIn profile, and their current job is stated there. You can find them by just contacting the company’s support team!

Let’s say you accidentally discovered one of your best friends from college on Facebook. However, the post you saw them in has seemingly disappeared off the face of the internet because you can’t find it again. Don’t worry; we won’t hang you out to dry.

Here’s how to find browsing history on Facebook app

Step 1: Launch Facebook on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: The first screen you’ll land on is the Home tab. You’ll see six icons below the Facebook icon at the top of the screen. Tap on the hamburger icon in the right corner.

where to find browsing history on facebook app

Step 3: This’ll bring you to the Menu. Scroll down until you see the Settings option under Settings and Privacy; tap on it.

where to find browsing history on facebook app

Step 4: Scroll down on the Settings page till you find the subheading Your information. The first option in Your Information is the Activity log. Tap on it.

where to find browsing history on facebook app

Step 5: Here, you can find all your recent Facebook activity, including all the posts you’ve interacted with. So, as long as you liked that photo of your friend, you can easily find them here.

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and locate the option called Activity history to see a full, chronological log of everything you’ve done on the platform.

where to find browsing history on facebook app

Here you go! We hope you find what you were looking for.

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms; you can find almost everyone here. If you found someone on the platform but seemingly lost them again, don’t worry, we can help you with that.

In your Activity history, you can find a record of everything you’ve ever done on the platform. All you need is to follow our step-by-step guide for a smooth process.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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