How to Know if Someone Muted Your Story on Instagram [5 Methods]

Who Muted My Story on Instagram: In essence, social media platforms are all about creating a digital space to bring people closer. However, truth be told, there are only so many people that you’d want to be closer with, right? Let’s take the example of Instagram.

know if someone muted your story on instagram

Most of us follow about 200-500 accounts on this platform, but do we really intend to stay closely connected to every single one of them? Well, not really. Most of these are often celebrities, influencers, or leaders that we look up to; others are meme pages that keep our newsfeed entertaining, then come those we know directly or indirectly in real life, and at last, are those who we really want to stay connected with.

Suppose someone whom you consider to be a close friend places you in the third category and doesn’t want to bother checking the stories you upload.

Is there a way you can figure out for sure if they’ve muted your stories on Instagram? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in our blog today. Stick with us till the end to learn all about it.

Different types of muting features on Instagram (and what they do)

Before we move on to discuss how you could figure out if someone had muted your story on Instagram, let’s throw some light on the act of muting itself. What does the term “mute” mean to you? To us, it refers to a process of not paying attention to someone or something right in front of you.

And while such a thing sounds easy in theory, practically, it’s very difficult to mute someone out when they’re constantly in your face. The same is true for social media platforms.

If you don’t want to indulge with someone, but they keep replying to your stories and commenting on your posts, texting and calling you, or tagging you in their stories, ignoring them can be challenging. And if you fail at ignoring them, you could end up saying something inappropriate to them, which will only make matters worse.

Is it Possible to Know if Someone Muted Your Story on Instagram?

Now that we’ve already covered the grounds on how muting works on Instagram, let’s talk about a situation where the tables have been turned. Suppose instead of you muting someone else, someone else has muted you; your stories to be more precise.

As we’ve already discussed earlier, muting someone’s Instagram story is a completely private action on the platform. In other words, there’s no direct way to know if someone muted your story on Instagram.

However, in case you are suspicious about someone, in particular, doing it, there are some ways you can confirm your suspicion; keep reading to learn about them.

How to Know if Someone Muted Your Story on Instagram (Who Muted My Story on Instagram)

1. Employing Help of Third-Party Tools

All of us know that third-party tools for a platform exist to make our lives and engagement on these platforms easier and more convenient. These tools can also help you figure out if someone might’ve muted you. The best apps that can resolve your problem are Hootsuite Analytics and Reports+ for Instagram.

It goes without saying that the services of these apps are paid. However, before you go ahead and spend your precious money on a big, fat subscription, let’s tell you exactly which features you’ll need to use.

This feature is referred to as Ghost Followers, and it determines the accounts that interact with your content the least. It works more effectively in the case of people muting your posts but can give you a good idea of stories, too.

Once you buy the Ghost Followers plan from any of these tools, it will show you the list of usernames that do not engage with your content (do not like, comment, or react to your posts and stories).

2. Observing Story Viewer’s List Closely

If you’re not interested in spending money on such things, you’d have to go about it in an old-fashioned manner. We already have a name in mind, right? Now, all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for their username in the viewer’s list every time you upload a story.

If they used to see all your stories in the past and have suddenly stopped, perhaps muting you could be the reason behind it. Again, their general activity on Instagram counts as well. So, if they’ve been posting their own stories but not seeing yours, there’s a strong possibility of you being muted. However, if their own profile indicates inactivity as well, perhaps they’re not using the platform altogether.

3. The Close Friends List trick

If checking your story viewer’s list every second hour is just too much hassle for you, we have an easier way out of the Close Friends List trick.

If you’ve never used the Close Friends List feature on Instagram before, it’ll be an even easier one for you. And if you have, you’ll need to start by clearing out your old Close Friends List entirely and adding only one single name in the current one: of the person who you suspect has muted your story.

Now, post just one story each day, and set the alarm to view its viewer’s list once after 20 hours to see if this person has viewed your story. Do this continually for the next 5 days just to be sure. If this person is active on Instagram and yet not viewing your stories continually, it points a finger towards you being muted by them.

4. Asking a mutual friend for help

While you can’t always rely on social media for help, relying on friends might be a better alternative. And in this case, the kind of friend you’d need is a mutual friend between you and the person who you suspect has muted your stories.

Don’t worry; we don’t expect you to ask this mutual friend for a huge favor, just a little one. First, you need to make sure that this friend is followed by you and the person you’re suspicious about. Now, ask this mutual friend to upload a story at the same time as you do and keep an eye on your respective stories. If the person in question checked their story but not yours, it only cements the fact that they might have muted your stories purposefully.

5. Asking Them About it Upfront

We understand that asking them upfront might not be ideal for many of you, but truth be told, these things are most easily sorted when you’re ready to be honest about them. And it makes sense, too; if you feel like there’s no reasonable excuse behind them doing so, wouldn’t you want to find out for sure? Instagram is certainly not going to help you with it. And doesn’t the very idea of not knowing for sure drive you crazy?

Perhaps after talking to them, you’ll end up realizing that they had a perfect explanation for not seeing your stories all along, and there was no reason for you to be anxious. Either way, you’ll never know the truth for sure unless you’re ready to confront them about it.

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