How to Add Blank Space for Instagram Highlights

Blank Space for Instagram Highlights: Today, Instagram is among the most popular social media networking sites of all time and is the second most popular worldwide in terms of users, second only to its parent company, Facebook. The hike in popularity that it has seen in recent years is no coincidence. Its features and overall design have always been highly attractive to millennials, but today, Gen Z makes up a large part of the platform’s user base.

add blank space in instagram highlights

What does Instagram have that makes it famous among the younger generations, but Facebook doesn’t?

It has come to the point where users on the platform can’t leave even if they want to. There are too many celebrities, brands, and trends to keep up with; you can’t just up and leave! Sure, you can take a small break, but you always go back there, especially after the launch of the addictive reels feature.

Don’t worry; using Instagram is fine. It’s a social media platform that makes you feel good and helps you see what your favorite celebrities are up to! As long as you don’t use it in excess, you can definitely indulge on Instagram.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about how you can add a blank space in your Instagram highlights!

Can You Add Blank Space for Instagram Highlights?

If you feel like removing the name of the highlight, we’re sorry to say that it’s not possible. A highlight cannot be nameless; it has to be called something. To add a bit of a twist, you can add a relevant emoji in the name instead, which makes your profile look more colorful and creative.

If you try to remove the name of a highlight, Instagram will add the name Highlights as a default name for any highlight.

Although some users claim nameless highlights give your profile a sleek and minimalistic look, we certainly don’t think so, nor do most users. Unnamed highlights give the impression of an unkempt profile. It keeps the user in mystery about what they’ll see next, which is also not a good look.

The best way to name a highlight is to put a relevant emoji there. For example, if a highlight contains all your beach photos, there’s a perfect emoji for that!

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