How to Recover Deleted Live Video on Instagram

Instagram launched in October 2010, and soon it became one of the most tempting social media apps with billions of registered users. It is an excellent platform for fun-filled activities, sharing pictures, posting reels, and live videos. Going live on Instagram is the best way to connect with a larger audience at once, a feature that highly benefits businesses or influencers to attract more traffic on their profile.

recover deleted instagram live videos

The live feature on Instagram allows you to broadcast a real-time video and is used by over 100 million people on a daily basis. You can also share links to your live video with the people you want to attend your live session.

And that’s not even the whole of it; Instagram has also announced another new live feature called the ‘live now’ section in the IGTV app, where you can easily discover more public accounts that are live at the moment.

Coming back to the live Instagram videos, sometimes you might delete a live video either by wish or by mistake and end up thinking about how to recover it. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to recover a deleted Instagram live video but didn’t know how to do it? If you have, then our blog holds all the answers to your questions.

Today, we’ll talk not only about the possibility of doing such a thing on the platform but also the steps you need to follow to recover deleted Instagram live videos.

Let’s get started!

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Instagram Live Videos?

First things first; let’s figure out if recovering a deleted Instagram live video is possible on Instagram. You’d be ecstatic to know that such a thing is possible; you can easily restore your live Instagram videos even after being deleted.

It might come as a surprise to many, but any live video you make on Instagram is automatically saved in the Instagram live archive, from where it can be recovered any time. To recover the same, you have to follow some simple steps that we’ll discuss in the upcoming section.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Live Videos

You can easily download your live videos to your mobile phone and upload them to IGTV. After the end of your live session on Instagram, the video is available in your archive folder for 30 days. However, note that once this time period passes, you might face some challenges in doing so.

Give below are the steps you need to follow in order to restore your live Instagram video that you mistakenly deleted:

  • Open the Instagram app from the menu grid on your phone.
  • Tap on the Profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
recover deleted instagram live videos
  • Now click on the three Horizontal-line icon on the top right corner of your profile page.
recover deleted instagram live videos
  • You will see the second option, Archive, tap on it.
recover deleted instagram live videos
  • The stories archive page will open up on the mobile screen. Click on the dropdown arrow in Stories Archive at the top of your screen.
recover deleted instagram live videos
  • You will see the three options. Click on the last one that says Live archive.
recover deleted instagram live videos
  • Now, choose the live video you want to recover. You can download it on your device or upload it to IGTV from your archive.
recover deleted instagram live videos
  • Tap on the Download button at the bottom right corner of the screen and it will be saved your phone gallery.
recover deleted instagram live videos

When you download the Livestream Instagram video, it appears in the Instagram album of your phone gallery. You can find it simply by tapping on the Galley icon from your phone’s menu grid.

If Instagram live videos were shared on your stories, you could recover them from the stories archive. But viewers can watch the stories for up to 24 hours only. So, if you want this video to be seen by your audience anytime, you can pin your live video to the highlights on your profile.

Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Live Videos on Laptop? 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to retrieve deleted live Instagram videos on your laptop or desktop. This feature is available only on the mobile phone app. Thus, your smartphone is the only option to complete the process of restoring deleted Instagram live videos. But that is not a big deal because why go for desktop apps when you can get your work done on your smartphone just by following some elementary steps! Features available in the desktop interface of Instagram are limited.


Instagram Live is the best way to communicate with a wide audience. Many influencers and celebrities engage their fans by going live. You can share your cherished moments with your followers, connections, and loved ones by live broadcasting. 

Many people might be confused about recovering deleted live Instagram videos and where to find those videos, which is exactly what we’ve tried to solve with the help of this blog. The steps we’ve mentioned above will come in handy if you face these issues. Stay tuned with us to know more about such tips and tricks. Let us know in the comment section if this blog was helpful to you in any way.

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