Can I Post TikTok Videos on Instagram without Copyright?

In recent years, TikTok has transformed how we consume content online and decide who we should follow on social media. Until a few years ago, being an online influencer was synonymous with months and years of consistency and hard work. TikTok has cut down that duration to just weeks or months of regularly uploading entertaining, funny, and interesting content. This platform has truly changed how we look at social media as a means of getting traction and recognition online, so much so that other leading platforms have come up with their own versions of TikTok lest they fail to keep pace with the rapidly growing world of short videos.

can i post tiktok videos on instagram without copyright

The introduction of short videos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is a great opportunity for creators to try their hands at short-form video content in places other than TikTok.

Instagram Reels, for instance, have become quite popular nowadays. And no matter whether you are on TikTok, you need to be popular on Instagram Reels if you want to be anywhere near being successful as a creator.

One way to gain some quick followers on Instagram is by uploading your or others’ TikTok videos as reels. But, as you might expect, Instagram doesn’t like that and imposes copyright claims on your videos if it detects that the reels are not original. How can you deal with that?

We are about to answer this question for you in the following sections. Stick with us to learn whether and how you can post TikTok videos on Instagram without copyright.

Why Instagram doesn’t want you to post TikTok videos as IG reels:

Repurposing the same content across several social media platforms is an effective and time-saving technique to get traction in your social media game without spending the same amount of time posting content for different platforms.

You can share the same posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Community Posts. You can also post the same story on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, and you can post your TikTok videos on Instagram as reels and vice versa.

However, it appears that Instagram doesn’t want its users to upload recycled reels on its platform. As more and more people have started repurposing their TikTok videos on Instagram, many others have started copying others’ videos and pasting them on Instagram. Naturally, Instagram wants its Reels platform to be original and not a reflection of its biggest competitor– TikTok.

If you want to upload TikTok videos– yours or anyone else’s– on Instagram, remember to follow these rules:

No watermarks

Never upload videos that have a watermark of TikTok (or any platform, for that matter). Instagram’s quality check mechanism can easily detect such watermarks. If you upload TikTok videos with the watermark, the algorithm will push your reel to the last, and you won’t get many views as your reels won’t show up on the others’ feeds.

Can I post TikTok videos on Instagram without copyright?

Copyright violations are a big danger in your Instagram Reels journey as they can not only blocklist your videos but can eventually lead to a complete ban. No matter what you want to do on Instagram, copyright infringement should definitely be the last on the list.

If you upload someone else’s TikTok videos on Instagram, your video runs the risk of a getting copyright issue if the original owner claims the rights to the video. Though there is no way to get rid of the risk completely, there are surely ways to minimize it.

Firstly, you must ensure that the TikTok video complies with the three rules mentioned above (no watermarks, blurry videos, and horizontally oriented videos). These measures can help your video perform unrestricted on Instagram. Additionally, removing watermarks will decrease copyright-related issues to a large extent.

Follow these steps to minimize the risk of copyright claims on the TikTok videos you post on Instagram:

Remove watermarks:

Whether the TikTok video belongs to you or someone else, you should not upload it on Instagram with the Tiktok watermark. To download a watermark-free TikTok video, you can go to any of the several sites that can help you download Tiktok videos for free.

Follow these steps to download a watermark-free video from SnapTik:

Step 1: Open TikTok and go to the desired video.

Step 2: Tap on the Share icon and copy the link to the video.

can i post tiktok videos on instagram without copyright

Step 3: Go to and paste the link in the box. Tap on Download.

can i post tiktok videos on instagram without copyright

Step 4: Tap on Download Server 01. Your video will be downloaded without the watermark.

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