Why Do Some Snapchat Messages Not Disappear Or Don’t Get Deleted?

Have you got a preferred social networking platform? You can’t lie, though, since whether we confess it or not, we all have one. In our case, we call the dibs on Snapchat, one of the coolest apps that lets us practically do anything we want. If you want to call someone or use bizarre filters to make you look crazy, Snapchat caters to those wishes. If you wish to send a super quick snap of your friend looking hilarious, send them that because it will disappear anyway.

why do some snapchat messages not disappear or don’t get deleted

Yes, the ability of Snapchat to disappear your messages has pushed the app to the spotlight, and many users adore this fun feature. Imagine, though, that after sending someone a snap during one of your adrenaline-fueled times, the message won’t go away! That is definitely something that we wish hadn’t happened to us, but it has because you are with us now.

So, today, we answer a crucial query regarding the app. It is why do some Snapchat messages not disappear or don’t get deleted! Read the blog to find out the truth if you want to learn more about it.

Why Do Some Snapchat Messages Not Disappear Or Don’t Get Deleted?

We know Snapchat’s rule that messages disappear as soon as they are viewed, correct? It is a key factor in why many of us enjoy using this great platform to connect with friends.

The platform encourages you to take pictures of individuals recklessly. However, the platform has included several settings for these disappearing messages. The messages won’t get deleted or disappear, and we are left wondering why.

The only plausible explanation is that the person on the other end of the chat hasn’t seen it yet. You should know that the unread messages are no longer accessible after 30 days.

But what if the recipient of the messages has already viewed them, but you can still see the messages? In the following section, we’ll discuss why some texts on the app don’t vanish or get deleted.

You have updated your chat settings

According to Snapchat, you can select a setting that will allow your messages to remain on the app for 24 hours. So, if you have enabled it, messages with a person will remain for 24 hours after you have viewed them. Therefore, this explains why Snapchat messages won’t go away or get deleted.

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