How to See History of Watched Videos on Instagram Reels

One special feature of TikTok is that it allows you to watch the history of your liked and saved reels easily. While Instagram has released all the features that make reels an interesting part of the platform, it doesn’t allow you the option to watch the saved reels. Besides, the reels might look good, but they are not as good as the TikTok videos.

see history of watched videos on reels

Ever since Instagram launched the Reel feature, people are going crazy over the trending reels and exciting videos. There is so much to watch and enjoy on Instagram reels that you will never run out of options when it comes to entertaining content.

So, you saved a couple of reels on Instagram that you can show to your friends later, but now you can’t find them. So, how do you find your liked and saved reels on Instagram? Fortunately, we are here to help you with that.

Find Your Saved Reels on Instagram

On TikTok, you get an option to watch your liked reels. So, all the videos you like on TikTok will be saved in your “liked videos” folder where you can access these videos according to your convenience. People find it easier to find saved reels than the liked reels. With that being said, you must consider saving the reels on your Instagram feed so that you can find them easily later.

To find the saved videos, open your Instagram, select the small profile icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, select the three horizontal bars on the top right, and tap “Saved” option. There you go! You will find all the reels you have watched and saved so far. The only issue is that you will have to find the reels in the middle of plenty of saved posts. That means if you want to show a funny post to your friend, you are going to have to search through an extensive list of posts. It will be easier to locate the reels, as they appear with a small icon on top.

Find the Reels You Liked

Just like how you get to watch all the saved content on Instagram, you have the option to watch the liked reels videos easily. Tap your profile button on the bottom right corner of your screen, select the menu option on the top, select Settings > Account > Posts you have liked. This section is where you can find all the posts you have liked. But then again, it might be difficult for you to find the particular reel that you have been looking for a little challenging.

So, these were the two most common and effective ways you can use to find the Instagram reels you have watched in the past. Hope this post helped you save the Instagram reels.

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