How to Fix “Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture” on Instagram

While gaining followers, your Instagram photos and videos, play a major role in gaining likes, comments, reposts, and shares. Your Instagram profile picture, on the other hand, can be a major spoiler, and one should put some effort into choosing a great profile picture and getting creative with it. Not having a good profile picture can almost eliminate your chances of gaining any followers on Instagram because it not only makes your feed look good, but it also acts as a backlink when you comment on other people’s photos and videos, and thus having a great profile picture is mandatory on the road to gaining fame on Instagram.

sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture

Instagram have become the most popular site in the world of social media. Starting to praise some good works till trolling any politicians or any super decision was taken from superpowers of the world are been discussed, stated and judged here. Even for becoming popular struggler of Bollywood and Hollywood or bloggers keeps on doing something different or unique on Instagram to become an eye-catcher in directors and producers. Bloggers keep on writing blogs criticizing politics or praising the people on their good work. So to impress the user of Instagram, to become popular Instagrammers have to keep an eye-catching and attractive profile picture. Because here the book is been judge by its cover. So if Instagram is a book, then your profile picture is your cover of that book. The more your cover is attractive the more your book will sell or can said your follower will increase.

However, sometimes uploading the latest trend picture or updating your old profile picture to a new one may get stuck. Sometimes while uploading profile picture on Instagram is an ache. Due to some technical glitch or regular updation process Instagram may not allow user to change or update their profile picture. While updating or uploading picture user find an error called “Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture” This becomes a distressing thing for popular instagram user. Even it become disappointing situation for normal instagram user.  So, here we will discuss some important points about how to fix “Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture” on Instagram.

There could be many reasons that Instagram show such error while updating or uploading a profile picture. Below there are some reason discussed in details to fix such error.

How to Fix “Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture” on Instagram

1. Update Instagram

There are 1 billion Instagram users in the world. To meet the expectation and demand Instagram keeps on updating its application. So that Instagram can provide services which may connect to their user for long period of time. There might be a possibility that Instagram has updated their version and you not be notify as you have kept enable the notification feature off in your phone setting. So user may visit an app store or play store search Instagram in search bar. User will see option of Update right next to the Instagram logo. Click on update and after getting updated user may try to upload or update their profile picture. And it is also advice to enable the notification feature from the phone setting so that user may get timely notifications about updation.

2. Try website

As discussed Instagram keeps on updating their version there is a possibility that the Instagram application may facing a technical glitch. So when user tries to upload a profile picture user may face an error. So it is advisable to use Instagram website in this situation. User just have to write Instagram in their browser tab on Instagram, enter their log-in credentials. Get logged in. Tab on your profile picture available in the bottom on right-hand side, then tab edit profile user will see option of Change Profile Photo right below your username. Click tab, change profile photo, choose your profile picture from your gallery and you will successfully update your profile picture. Now, log out from the website and again login through application you will see your profile picture has been changed.

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