How to Fix “Instagram Music No Result Found”

With more than 500 million users sharing exciting content through stories on Instagram, the platform has definitely become an ideal place for people to showcase their talents.

instagram music no result found

In addition to the filters and texts, you get an option to add music to your stories. You can choose the soundtrack from the Instagram built-in album and upload it to your story with your photo, video, or other content.

However, you may come across an “Instagram Music no Result Found” error at times.

First things first, you might be facing this issue because the music you have been looking for on Instagram is not available. If the sound is not available in the Instagram built-in track, there is no way you can add it to your story. Only the music that’s available in the Instagram music library can be added.

However, if you have seen the same song being uploaded on other’s stories, but it doesn’t work on your profile, then there can be some technical issue with your Instagram account.

That could be fixed in the following ways:

  • See if your Instagram needs an update
  • Log in to your account, log out, and then log in again to see if the error has fixed
  • Re-install the app on your mobile
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi and try updating the application once again to see if it works
  • Switch your account to the personal or creator account
  • Use VPN services to use the music feature
  • Talk to the support team of Instagram if the issue isn’t resolved

Add Music to the Instagram Stories with the Help of Music Sticker Feature. You can select the music sticker from the stories tab, pick music from the list, and add it to your story.

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