How to Fix “No Results Found” on Instagram Music

With more than 500 million users sharing exciting content through stories on Instagram, the platform has definitely become an ideal place for people to showcase their talents. In addition to the filters and texts, you get an option to add music to your stories. You can choose the soundtrack from the Instagram built-in album and upload it to your story with your photo, video, or other content.

instagram music no result found

The Instagram Music feature was launched quite recently, in fact, last year only. Ever since it launched, the app has been offering a great option for people to put a nice soundtrack on their story to give a different vibe to their audience.

If you have been using Instagram for a while, chances are you must have noticed the stories where a short music clip plays. Instagram keeps improving its user experience by introducing a new set of innovative features that make this app a lot more interesting and unique. Music in the stories is one such function that makes Instagram super exciting.

However, you may come across an “Instagram Music no Result Found” when trying to upload music on Instagram stories.

Whether it’s a temporary issue that resolves on its own in a few days or it is caused by a more serious problem, we have got the best solutions for you. By the end of this post, you will most certainly be able to fix the “no result found” error on Instagram easily.

Why Does “No Results Found” Error Occur on Instagram Music?

You can upload the music from the “music” sticker found in the Instagram story tools. Unfortunately, the sticker does not work for everyone. Sometimes, it simply does not upload the music, while other times, the music you are looking for is not available for your Instagram profile. If the sound is not available in the app’s built-in track, there is no way you can add it to your story. Only the music that’s available in the music library can be added.

However, if you have seen the same song being uploaded on others’ stories, but it doesn’t work on your profile, then there can be some technical issue with your Instagram account.

Another important thing to note here is that Instagram does not allow businesses to use any music for commercial purposes, as it can lead to copyright issues. In some cases, the Instagram music feature works fine one day and it stops all of a sudden the next day. Or, it may work fine for some people while others often struggle with the music uploading.

There can be many reasons why you must be having difficulty uploading music of your choice on Instagram. Imagine you took a drive with your friends along the beachline and created a beautiful video only to discover that you couldn’t upload a song for it when you were trying to put that up on your story.

The next time you see the error that says “no result found” while trying to upload a story, here’s what you could do to fix it.

How to Fix “No Results Found” on Instagram Music

To fix the “No Results Found” on Instagram music, you need to switch back to a personal account. Instagram does not allow a business account to use music for commercial purposes, as it can lead to copyright issues. After you switched to a personal account, you’ll be able to use Instagram music again.

In case if you are still facing the same error after switching to the personal account, you may follow the below steps.

Alternative Ways to Fix “No Results Found” on Instagram Music

  • Update your Instagram app.
  • Log out from your account, and then log in again.
  • Switch to the personal or creator account.
  • Re-install the app on your device.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi and try updating the app.
  • Try VPN services.
  • Talk to the support team if the issue isn’t resolved.

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