How Long Does Messenger Show Last Active? (Explained)

How Long Does Facebook Show Last Active: Messenger is the standalone messaging app from the social media powerhouse, Facebook. The app has grown steadily in popularity and number, and today it already has more than a billion people.

long does messenger show last active

People continue to join the app to communicate with their loved ones, and it is still going strong. You may form group chats with all of your friends, phone or video call someone, or communicate with them one-on-one.

We occasionally still have queries about the app that go unanswered, even though some of us use the app frequently. Do you want to know how long Messenger displays the last active status?

Well, it is safe to assume that you are not the only one with these queries in mind. A lot of individuals like you frequently ask the same question.

We are here to allay your concerns over this question in the blog today. So, what are you still waiting for? Stick around to the end of the blog if you want to learn the answers.

How Long Does Messenger Show Last Active?

You’re probably aware that the active status on the platform indicates whether you are using the app right now or have recently used it. So, you will know that they are online and available for a chat when you see a green dot next to their profile icon on the app.

Additionally, you may see a timestamp that shows the last time your friend used the app. Thus, if you see the message “active 4 hours ago” under someone’s name in a chat, it means that the person was online on the app 4 hours ago.

We know that these are some basic information concerning the Messenger app that we need to keep in mind. However, we will talk about how long Messenger shows last active in this part.

It is generally accepted that we can see the last active status for 24 hours if we are talking about a specific profile of one of our friends on Messenger. It should be clear that you can no longer view their most recent active status if this time frame has passed.

Hence, you can presume that your friend hasn’t signed onto their Messenger account for more than a day if you don’t notice any timestamps or green dot indicators on their chat.

Why can’t you see someone’s last active status on Messenger?

They have disabled their last active status

Did you wish to call your friend on Messenger but were unsure when they were last active on this platform? You can clearly see that they are offline Because the green dot is missing.

What if, however, you are unable to view the timestamp indicating when they were last online? You should know that many people prefer not to disclose their last active status because they find it uncomfortable to do so. So, you cannot view your friend’s last active status if they have deactivated the feature.

Steps to turn on the last active status on Messenger:

Step 1: You need to open your Messenger app to begin. Please log in with your credentials if you are signed out.

Step 2: Now, click on your profile icon at the upper left corner of your chat page.

long does messenger show last active

Step 3: You will see the Active status option present there. Please go ahead and tap on it.

long does messenger show last active

Step 4: In the final steps, you need to turn the Toggle on for the Show when you’re active option to enable your last active status on Messenger. Please tap on the turn on option to confirm your action.

long does messenger show last active

The person has blocked you on Messenger

We all know how common it is to block someone online, right? Users of social networking apps have access to this option, which helps them avoid having undesirable users on their accounts.

There is a strong chance that the person has blocked you on the app if you are unable to see their last active status. You can confirm your doubts by sending them a message using the platform. The messages won’t send if you have been blocked.

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