How to Keep Status Always Online on Facebook

Social media is everywhere today, but not all of them come as close to what Facebook has done and continues to do for its users. We have all used Facebook the longest out of all the social media platforms. Sharing images, uploading stories, and getting in touch with long-lost pals are all quite simple on this social networking platform. While some of us use it for fun and to connect with families and friends, others run business pages or are content creators.

keep status always online on facebook

Thus, it makes sense that they frequently need to respond to comments and be online! It helps people to seek them out actively if they want.

Well, these situations frequently make us ask how we’re going to maintain a constant online status on Facebook. You have come to the perfect place if you have been wondering about it for a while.

Do not worry; we will talk about this today. Just stick with us through to the end to receive your answers.

How to Keep Status Always Online on Facebook

You might have seen some people always online on Facebook, and it leads us to wonder how it is possible! Do they not have any other work, or are they really using this social media platform throughout the day and night?

Well, we need you to know that keeping your status always online on Facebook is no rocket science. There are just a few criteria you need to fulfill, and the job is done well. So, you must follow the paragraphs below to keep your status always online on Facebook.

Solution #1: Turn on your active status on Facebook

You are quite familiar with the concept of active status if you have used Facebook for even a short time. It usually manifests itself in the shape of a green dot next to your profile photo on the app.

The best part about it is that when you turn it on, the indication shows that you are online. This is the approved method to keep status online on Facebook all the time.

You have the option to turn on your active status on Facebook via the Facebook website and the mobile app. We are here to guide you if you need to be made aware of the steps to follow, so follow the guide below.

Steps to turn on the active status on Facebook via mobile app:

Step 1: Navigate to the Facebook app on your device in order to begin. Now, you must open the app and sign in using your login credentials if you need them.

Step 2: Do you see the three horizontal lines present at the top right corner of the home page? Please go ahead and click on it.

keep status always online on facebook

Step 3: Move down until you see the Settings and privacy option on this page. Now, go ahead and hit the Settings tab.

keep status always online on facebook

Step 4: You must click on the Active status under the Privacy tab on this page.

keep status always online on facebook

Step 5: You will now see the show when you’re active option on the screen. You must turn the toggle on and confirm the action to keep your status online on the app.

keep status always online on facebook

Please note that if you are an iPhone owner, the three horizontal lines will be present at the lower right-hand corner of the Facebook page. The rest of the process is the same as what we described previously for the android phone. Take note that the green dot indicator will show up even if you have recently been active once your Facebook active status is enabled.

Solution #2: Remain connected to the internet

You must know that Facebook cannot function without a proper internet connection. So, we frequently check our internet connection when an app doesn’t work, right?

This is why we advise that you must mark this requirement off the list if you want to be online on Facebook constantly. It would be simpler for the app to display you as active if you are connected to the internet.

Solution #3: Never close your Facebook app

You must never close the Facebook app on your phone in order to keep your Facebook status always online. You previously checked the box for maintaining a constant internet connection, correct?

Your Facebook account will always be visible to your app pals if you don’t sign out of the app. Furthermore, we frequently minimize the application to do other chores if we use the Facebook app on a mobile device.

We don’t always shut the app properly, knowing full well we will return after a while! Therefore, Facebook will undoubtedly display the status as online for your Facebook account if the application is running in the background.

Solution #4: Use Facebook web

It is not always convenient for all of us to stay on Facebook via our smartphones all the time. So, we suggest that you log in to your Facebook account via the Facebook web on your computer/laptop. You don’t need to bother turning it off if you are in your office or even doing something important anywhere else.

You can always minimize the Facebook web and effectively work on other things. You will remain active as long there is good internet and your device doesn’t shut down due to battery drainage this way.

In the end

Let us talk about the topics we discussed in today’s blog as it has come to an end. We discussed how to keep status always online on Facebook. Well, we determined a few criteria that must be met for this effort to be effective.

You must first enable your active status on the app. Then, we advised you to maintain a constant internet connection. We also suggested you not close your Facebook app at all. Lastly, we stated that you use Facebook web.

So, have you checked all the boxes that we have listed above? Let us know in the comments if these suggestions are working for you or not. Also, follow our website for more such tech-related problems.

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