If Someone Blocked You on Instagram Will They See Your Direct Messages

Blocking and Unblocking – that is what goes on in the rat race of every social media platform including Instagram. If it is you who has blocked someone on Instagram, your message threads shall remain in your own inbox but you shall not be able to send messages to them anymore. If the person wants to send you a message, they would not be able to do either and you would receive none of their annoying texts.

if someone blocked you on instagram will they see your direct messages

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, they will not receive any message from you. If you think on a deeper note, this was their exact purpose of blocking. Blocking someone definitely means the person doesn’t want to receive any messages from the blocked person. Even if you wish to write to them and even send them, they will never receive those messages nor will you be able to read them. When anyone blocked you on Instagram it means there shall be zero interaction between the both of you through Instagram. You would not even be able to visit their profile.

How Do You Know if Someone Has Blocked You On Instagram?

Let us quickly go through the checklist that will help you to understand whether you have been blocked by someone on Instagram.

  • The first item on the checklist to go for it, whether you can see the profile of the person. If you are not able to, then be sure that the person has blocked you.
  • The second sign is that you will not find the trace of their profile when you type it on your search bar.
  • Next, go to your message section. If you can still see the old messages then the person has not blocked you yet. However, if you can’t see them anymore that clearly indicates you have been blocked.

Instagram gives you ample options for privacy. All you need is to explore those appropriately.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram?

Once you have blocked someone you will no longer be able to message them in spite of the fact that your messaging threads persist in their message box.

However, if the person you have blocked and you are part of the same Instagram group, you will get a dialogue box asking whether you still want to be a part of the group and if you agree, you will see the person’s messages in the group.

During the period of blocking, if the person that you have blocked sends you any message through Instagram Direct, they won’t be delivered to you. Even when you unblock them (later if at all), those messages will not be delivered to you.

In case you initiate any room in Instagram, the blocked individual will not be able to join in it if they try to log in from their existing IDs that you have blocked. The account you have blocked will not be able to mention your username any longer or tag you anymore in any of the posts.

After you have blocked someone, all the likes they had given on your videos and photos previously will be removed. But on public posts that anybody else has shared, they will be able to see your likes and comments.

A word of caution here, if you want to keep away from someone on Instagram and want to block them, you need to block all their accounts in case they have multiple accounts.

Usually, the Facebook and Instagram Account is now always intertwined. But if you have yet not done that setup, the person who is blocked by you will not be automatically blocked on Facebook and can send you direct messages on Facebook.

Final Words:

If you intend to block someone, just go ahead and remove them from being a follower of yours. You can block them from commenting on any of your posts as well. If you have resolved a fight with the person and want them back, simply unblock them. It is quite easy.

The best part is that, even if you block someone on Instagram, they will never get notified about it. We don’t want to make people sad after all.

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