How to Recover Deleted Instagram Story (Undelete Instagram Story)

See Deleted Instagram Stories: Instagram is an image-based platform that has massively affected our lifestyle and how we perceive everything around us. From offering us couple goals, holiday destination ideas, and viral reels, Instagram is one of the most addictive social networking sites. The platform’s popularity, particularly among Millenials and Gen Z, resulted in its $1 billion acquisition by Facebook in the year 2012.

recover deleted instagram story

Instagram promoted the idea that anyone with a smartphone could now capture a photograph and apply filters to it to make it more visually appealing. As smartphones now come with compelling cameras, it has become convenient for content creators to engage with their target audience on Instagram. 

Introduced in 2016, the Story feature of Instagram received backlash because of its similarity with the My Story feature of Snapchat. The Instagram stories allow the users to post images and videos in a slideshow format. Stories on Instagram typically last for 24 hours unless you convert them into highlights. In the highlights section, you can view your previously saved stories.

You can customize and design your Instagram stories by putting in emoticons, music, and GIFs. This feature is beneficial when you do not want to create tonnes of posts but still wish to share some quick updates with your followers. But what if you delete an Instagram story and regret it later? Or what happens when you remove your Instagram story by mistake? Is there any way to recover it? Carefully read the next section of our blog to find the answer to your question.

Can You Recover Deleted Stories on Instagram?

If you are an avid Instagrammer who loves sharing photos, reels, and stories on the platform, you must be curious to know whether there’s a way to get back your deleted stories. So, here’s the good news. Yes, you can recover deleted posts as well as stories on Instagram through the Recently Deleted feature.

Introduced in the month of February 2021, this feature ensures the protection of your posts and stories. For instance, if a hacker gains control of your Instagram account and deletes your posts or stories, you can restore them using the Recently Deleted feature. However, this technique works only after you have recovered your account.

The Recently Deleted feature offers a sense of control to Instagram users. When your photos, IGTV videos, reels, and stories are deleted from your Instagram account, they automatically get transferred to the Recently Deleted folder. In the case of stories that have not been archived, you can restore them only within 24 hours of deletion. When it comes to stories that have already been archived and then deleted, you can recover them within 30 days of deletion.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Stories

As we have gained some idea about the functioning of the Recently Deleted feature, let us now try to understand how this tool can be used to restore deleted WhatsApp stories. The step-by-step guide mentioned below will help you grasp the entire process.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and then tap on your profile picture, which appears on the bottom right corner of your screen. The profile picture appears beside the notification option, which is denoted by a heart.

Step 2: When your account opens, tap on the Three horizontal lines icon. This icon is visible on the top right corner of your mobile screen.

Step 3: Now, a menu appears on your smartphone screen. Right below the Archive option, you can find Your Activity. Give a tap on the Your Activity option.

Step 4: On the Your Activity screen, you can find a long list of options. Scroll down and tap on the Recently Deleted option, which appears just above the Download Your Information option. 

Step 5: When the Recently Deleted screen appears, tap on the Instagram story you want to restore. 

Step 6: Go to the Three dots icon on the top right corner to find two options: Delete and Restore. Tap on Restore.

Step 7: Once you have restored a particular Instagram story, it will appear in the Archive folder for stories. If your Instagram story was shared within 24 hours, it would appear on your account.  Thus, by following all the steps mentioned above, you will be able to restore your deleted Instagram stories.

In the end

With this, we have come to the end of our blog. Today we have learned that it is possible to restore your deleted Instagram stories provided you do it within a given time frame. If your Instagram story is unarchived and has been deleted for more than 24 hours, you won’t be able to recover it. Similarly, if your Instagram story was archived and then deleted for more than 30 days, you won’t be able to recover it.

You can only recover your deleted Instagram stories by using the Recently Deleted feature on the app. You can find this feature by going to the Your Activity section of More Options (Three horizontal lines icon).

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