How to Check Most Followed Followers on TikTok

The social media market is saturated with apps, but that doesn’t stop developers from coming up with something new! Every time an app flourishes in this cutthroat industry, it redefines how we use social media. And TikTok is one such app that sticks out as the platform that has revolutionized the social media experience for users. We all occasionally have the desire to know something, and curiosity is not necessarily a negative trait. And there are many things about social media that we are curious to learn.

check most followed followers on tiktok

It is a very exciting platform that allows its user base plenty of room to be artistic and try out new ideas. Being famous has many multiple interpretations on social media! You might have a verified account or perhaps have a sizable following.

In this blog, we are talking about your most followed followers on TikTok!

Yes, if you want to know about your most followed followers, it means determining the follower count of your followers!

So, how do you think you can check it on TikTok? You might be surprised to learn that a lot of people frequently ask this question on the internet! But surprisingly, we didn’t find some direct answers to it.

So, we know that we are not the only ones who have the same question. If you’re interested in learning more, sit tight and scroll down to the sections that follow.

How to check most followed followers on TikTok

Since its beginnings, TikTok has been enjoying incredible popularity, thanks to its user base and amazing features. Moreover, the creators of the app are always moving about to increase their follower count and promote user engagement.

We are aware that some people nowadays view followers as nothing more than a superficial stat. They consider it to be overrated and don’t bother to care about it. Even though we respect their choices, we are aware that not everyone using the platform has the same views, right?

Having a significant follower base boosts the value of your business and gets you a great deal of attention. Also, if your followers interact with you regularly, you might even gain a friend out of it; who knows?

We are eager to track every person that follows us when we first get on the platform. But as time goes on and your follower count grows, it gets progressively more difficult to keep sight of everyone, isn’t it?

But every once in a while, our interest gets the best of us, and we start to wonder about our followers.

Well, don’t you want to know what your famous followers are up to? Perhaps you can collaborate with them and create some amazing content together.

We must warn you that there is no direct feature that would let you know who is your most followed follower on the platform. As a result, you must manually check it on the platform.

If you are curious to know about it, check out the steps below.

Step 1: Go to TikTok and log in, if needed.

Step 2: You must see your profile icon titled me at the bottom right of the TikTok home screen. Tap on it.

check most followed followers on tiktok

Step 3: Your TikTok profile will have an option called Followers. Tap on it.

All of your platform followers will be visible to you in this section, along with their usernames.

check most followed followers on tiktok

Step 4: Minimize your TikTok account and now open a Spreadsheet to manually enter some data.

Step 5: Return to TikTok and screen out all your followers with verified blue ticks. Add their names and the number of followers they have in the spreadsheet.

If you don’t have any blue tick account followers, then you will have to look at each follower’s profile and see their follower count.

check most followed followers on tiktok

Step 6: In the final steps, you must arrange the number counts from highest to lowest on the sheet.

So, once you’re finished, go back to the spreadsheet and find the individual who has the most followers.

There, you have your most followed followers on TikTok organized on the sheet.

In the end

Let’s review what we learned today now that the blog has come to a close. We choose to discuss how to check most followed followers on TikTok.

There are good reasons why TikTok fans are obsessed with their follower counts. However, we discovered that TikTok lacks a specific option that would enable us to view our most followed followers on the app. So, you must execute the search manually. The steps you must take to check this were covered in great depth during our discussion.

Leave your thoughts in the comments if this blog addresses the questions you were looking for. Additionally, to learn more about such interesting things, go through some of our how-to guides on our website.

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