How to Make Instagram Business Account Private 2022

Instagram has played a pivotal role not only in bringing the world closer together but also in creating an online space where people can curate and develop a brand and its image. The platform has established a series of social influencers that earn a living out of being a brand, and many small businesses are flourishing with their business account.

make instagram business account private

It allows you to market and sells your business on its platform via business profile, and for that, we can’t thank the ‘gram enough. The best part is you don’t require any official business status to open your account.

When you create an account on Instagram, your profile by default is set to the public and anyone can view your profile photos, videos, followers, and other content. But if you switch your account to private only your followers can see your photos, videos, followers, and other updates.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make Instagram business account private.

What is Business Account on Instagram?

A business account on Instagram is just the cheapest and most effective way of putting your product in the public eye. It ensures that your page gets an audience and traffic keeps flowing to your page consistently.

Many small and even big brands and businesses are now turning to Instagram to show advertisements for their products and reach out to potential customers. These accounts are by default public and posts and stories from these profiles can be seen by all people on Instagram. 

These accounts have the address as well as the contact information for the business and can sponsor advertisements on Instagram to bring traffic over to your page.

How to Make Instagram Business Account Private

Unfortunately, you cannot make your Instagram business account private. Since business accounts are meant to be seen and discovered by as many people as possible, making them private will fail that purpose. However, if you still want to switch to a private account, you switch back to a personal account.

Here’s how you can switch back to personal account:

  • Open Instagram and login to your account.
  • Go to your profile and tap on three lines at top.
make instagram business account private
  • It will open a pop-up screen, select the Settings.
make instagram business account private
  • Next, find and select the Account option.
make instagram business account private
  • Scoll down to the last and tap on Switch Account Type.
make instagram business account private
  • After that choose Switch to Personal Account.
make instagram business account private
  • Keep in mind if you switch back to a personal account, content and insight from your promotion will be lost.

Here’s how you can switch personal account to private:

Now to get your account private, go back a step on the settings page. Click on Account privacy under Privacy and Settings. You will see a toggle button to switch private accounts. Enable it. This will change your account to private. 

Note: Switching back to the personal account will not affect your current followers, and they will continue to see your posts and stories. But when someone new wants to follow you, they will have to request so. You will have a choice to either accept or decline their follow request. Also, sponsored advertisements are not allowed from private accounts, and your stories and posts will not reach the audience across Instagram.

Final Words:

If you want to switch back to a business account, you will need to toggle back to a public account under Account Privacy listed inside Privacy and Settings. After toggling, you will be able to go to Account settings and then switch back to a business account. That is only after you have made your account public again will you be able to operate it as a business account.

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