Why Can’t I See Someone’s Highlights on Instagram

Instagram is a large social media platform with users from around the world. The platform offers many features and options that make it irreplaceable in the market, at least currently. From the outside, it might seem like social media platforms are all the same, and we understand where you are coming from. However, much more goes into the building, maintenance, and upgradation of a platform than meets the eye.

why can’t i see someone’s highlights on instagram

At first glance, Facebook and Instagram might appear to have the same qualities and design. However, when you start nit-picking the features, you’ll realize the priorities of each platform and how they appease their target audience.

For example, if you go through Facebook’s behavior over the past decades, it has changed its direction. Instead of gaining new followers, traction, or appealing to young kids, it’s more focused on working with what it has. And there’s nothing wrong with that; Facebook found a loyal user base among Baby Boomers and wants to stabilize that.

But Instagram is on a different path and is flourishing, too. Gen Z and Millennial creators are completely changing how content can be created and advertised. Instagram is currently described as a breath of fresh air and an out-of-the-box experience.

And the biggest part of all this is it’s all a work in progress. Small changes and upgrades might turn this all around into something even bigger and better! This sets Instagram apart; the platform never stops experimenting with new strategies and functioning.

And it’s not unrealistic or unbelievable; Instagram features are also known to flop occasionally. For example, the full-screen feed on Instagram was a big mistake on Instagram’s part.

Although the feature might’ve proven helpful for creators, it still wasn’t a good fit for the users. They claimed Instagram was trying to rip off TikTok, and they weren’t entirely wrong. It did seem like Instagram was slowly turning into TikTok.

When users flooded Instagram’s comment section asking for the full-screen feed to be removed, Instagram had no choice but to oblige. They rolled back that update, and users went back to loving Instagram.

This shows that even though you might be successful, you’ll still make mistakes. This doesn’t mean you should stop; you should accept and learn from your mistakes.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why you cannot see someone’s highlights on Instagram. Stick with us until this blog’s end to learn all about it.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Highlights on Instagram

Instagram has some of the coolest features you can find on a social media platform. From creating a professional profile to browsing your explore section, checking out others’ profiles, and blocking users left and right, there’s much to do here.

Don’t worry; we know it can seem overwhelming at first. Hopefully, we can help you get to where you want to be regarding your user experience on Instagram.

Let’s start with your initial question: why can you not see someone’s highlights on Instagram? Well, there are many scenarios where this might be happening. We’ll discuss them all to ensure you get the answer you want.

They’ve deleted the highlights.

The first reason is that they’ve deleted their highlights. It’s quite normal; users often switch up their highlight games to give their profile a new and improved look.

To know that they’ve deleted their highlights, you only need to shoot them a text!

They’ve hidden their story from you.

While you might not want to hear this, there’s a good chance they’ve hidden their story from you. Maybe there was a bit of a disagreement between you, or they don’t want you to know something they’re doing.

We understand how betrayed you must feel, but an argument is not the solution here. Instead, what you should be doing is talking it out with them coolly and rationally.

They’ve removed you from their close friends’ list.

Did you notice the last time whether or not the stories they had posted were shared with their close friends’ list? Because if so, then it’s possible they’ve just removed you from their close friends’ list.

Now, we know this isn’t the best feeling in the world, but you mustn’t jump to conclusions. Maybe they accidentally removed you, or there’s possibly another reason. Again, the only way to find out is to talk to them about it.

Instagram is down.

Instagram has nearly two billion monthly active users, which means it has quite a large user base. It’s not fair for users to expect the app to work smoothly at all times, is it?

Large social media platforms schedule an off-day once a month to schedule routine check-ups. It’s possible that that is what’s happening with you right now. The only way to know the truth behind this for sure is to check out Twitter.

If Instagram servers are indeed down, the platform must’ve stated it. Other users might’ve also complained about the problems.

You’ve encountered a bug.

Lastly, you’ve come across a bug, which is why you cannot see certain things. Don’t worry; this can easily be fixed:

  • Uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Log out and into your Instagram account.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Connect to a more stable internet connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Try using the web version of Instagram.
  • Report your problem to Instagram.

The last one might be tricky for most users, so let us help you.

Here’s how to report a problem on Instagram

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: At the bottom of your Home feed, locate and tap on the icon at the bottom right corner, which is a thumbnail of your profile picture.

why can’t i see someone’s highlights on instagram

Step 3: This will bring you to Your profile. At the top-right corner, locate and tap on the hamburger icon. Tap on the first icon from the pop-up menu called Settings.

why can’t i see someone’s highlights on instagram

Step 4: On the Settings screen, locate and tap on the Help option. Next, tap on the first option called Report a Problem.

why can’t i see someone’s highlights on instagram

Step 5: A pop-up menu will appear, asking you to Go back and shake your phone. At the bottom, locate and turn off the toggle button near the Shake phone to report a problem.

why can’t i see someone’s highlights on instagram

Step 6: The button that previously said Shake phone to report a problem now says Report a problem. Tap on it, and describe your issue!

why can’t i see someone’s highlights on instagram

There you go! Now you know exactly what the problem is with your Instagram account and numerous ways to fix it.

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

If you cannot see someone’s Instagram highlights, don’t worry; there are a lot of reasonable explanations for why that might happen. Most of all, don’t panic because it’s an easily fixable problem.

There are three reasons why you’re facing this problem; they’ve deleted the highlight, hidden their story from you, or removed you from their close friends’ list. If it’s none, then Instagram’s down, or you’ve encountered a bug.

We’ve discussed how you can get rid of a bug, so if that’s the problem you’re facing, consider it fixed!

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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