Why Can’t I Reactivate My Instagram After Temporarily Deactivating It?

Instagram users like us are well aware of how addictive the app can be, right? We spend many hours crafting the aesthetic or coming up with the ideal caption as we obsessively record our lives on our accounts. But along with the sheer fun are moments when we realize that the app is swallowing far more of our time than it really needs to. It becomes quite clear that we need to take a step back from Insta and refocus on our real offline lives.

why can't i reactivate my instagram after temporarily deactivating it

Therefore, the best action Instagram lets us take is temporarily deactivating Instagram. You may quickly return to the app and continue using it as usual after that much-needed break.

Well, everything about the scenario is easy to understand and handle, but sadly, not everything works out as planned. Numerous people who temporarily deactivated their Instagram have reported being unable to reactivate it.

We are aware that this circumstance has the potential to make anyone act impulsively. This is why we will discuss the causes that lead to this problem and see if we can find solutions in the blog today.

So, are you up for reading the blog and finding out the reasons yourself? Buckle up and read it till the end to learn everything.

Why Can’t I Reactivate My Instagram After Temporarily Deactivating It?

The reactivation process is quick and easy. You may access your account right away without having to fill out any forms, and it only takes a few seconds.

But what if these simple methods don’t work to reactivate your Instagram account? We shall speak about this in this part. Hence, you must read the section in order to fully understand what must be done in this helpless circumstance. But most importantly, what brought about this issue that has appeared on our account?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one logical explanation for why your Instagram started acting strangely after you briefly deactivated it. However, we are aware that losing the ability to reactivate might set off our panic buttons. Please be assured that we have listed many reasons in the sections that explain why you are unable to reactivate your app.

Reason #1: Instagram has disabled your account permanently

We know deactivating your Instagram for a while and not being able to reactivate it is a situation we don’t want to face. However, the idea of having your account permanently deactivated by Instagram is another unexpected news. But we can’t rule out the possibility, which is why we included it as the primary reason.

why can't i reactivate my instagram after temporarily deactivating it

You should be aware that the app won’t just pick on your account one day and ban it! The app has established community guidelines, and only they can take action if they see that you have repeatedly violated them. We have to inform you that your only alternative is to open a second account and adhere to their rules if this is true.

Reason #2: Instagram has disabled your account temporarily

Instagram might have temporarily suspended your account, which is just another reason why they won’t allow you to reactivate it. This happens when you break their community guideline code once.

So, either you have come under the radar of the app itself, or there are people who have reported you. Therefore, the best course of action for you is to wait patiently for the app to withdraw the ban if something you did that could have violated their rules.

Typically, these bans last anything from a few hours to two days (48 hours). But kindly be patient if it takes longer than that.

Reason #3: Logging with incorrect login credentials

It’s simple to reactivate Instagram, and all you need to do is log back in to resume regular app usage. However, if reactivating is now difficult, there is another straightforward explanation that might apply. You might have entered the wrong login details.

Yes, no matter how absurd it may seem to your ears, there are instances when the solution is that obvious. Therefore, double-check your username and password before attempting to sign in. We are hoping you’ll be able to access your account once more.

Reason #4: Instagram servers are facing a glitch

Instagram faces glitches from time to time, both worldwide and in certain locations. You might not understand it and feel drained when you are hit with multiple failed attempts to reactivate your account.

You must consider glitches as a possibility and confirm it with people using the app if they have trouble using it too. You should wait some time for the servers to be operational to reactivate the app.

Reason #5: Switch between the app and browser

Several users have reported the inability to reactivate their Instagram accounts using the official app. However, people can successfully log in using the platform via the browser.

Additionally, there are users that have the opposite to say. They are unable to log in using their browser, but they can do so through the app. So, we draw the conclusion that you need to try using both browsers and apps and see which one works for you.

In the end

Let us now discuss the topics that we have explored in our blog, shall we? So, our topic revolved around one of the issues that people face on this app.

The topic of our conversation was, why can’t I reactivate my Instagram after temporarily deactivating it? We thought there might be numerous reasons for this issue. Therefore, we thoroughly addressed them for you.

We discussed the potential for both a permanent ban and a temporary suspension from Instagram. Next, we spoke about technical glitches that might have caused this issue. Then, we talked about incorrect login credentials. Finally, we spoke about how to handle it by switching between the Instagram app and the browser.

We hope our explanations will help you comprehend why your Instagram won’t reactivate. Please be careful to follow them and take action accordingly. We wish you luck in regaining access to your Instagram account.

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