How to See Old or First Message on Instagram Without Scrolling

See First Message on Instagram: Have you ever wanted to relive a memory you’ve created on Instagram? Have you ever decided to see first message on Instagram without scrolling on Android? Strangely, you are not alone. A lot of people do that, especially those who have saved chats with people on Instagram.

read old instagram messages without scrolling

Instagram has become a popular social networking site with billions of active accounts. People follow each other, upload posts & stories, connect with one another, and create a bunch of memories on this app.

They tag each other, mention their friends, and chat with people they love. If you have been using Instagram for a while now, there is a good chance you may have already talked to a bunch of people already.

You may also have message requests from other users. That’s how it goes. You send a message to someone on Instagram, they reply to your text, and the conversation begins. It keeps going on. The next thing you know you have shared hundreds of messages already.

If you are looking for a guide to go to first message you shared with the target person on Instagram, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will share with you a few interesting tips to view old direct messages on Instagram without scrolling.

Can You See First Message on Instagram Without Scrolling?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have any built-in feature that enables people to see first message without scrolling. If you go the manual way, you need to keep scrolling until you reach the first message. This can be a real problem if you have shared tons of text messages with each other.

One quick way to scroll is by using the web browser. It’s easier to scroll to the top when you do it on a bigger screen. On your PC, you can easily scroll through your mouse, so it might take comparatively less time than your mobile to load the first message. Still, that is not a viable option if you have shared hundreds of messages with the recipient.

The manual scrolling method works only for those who have had a few conversations with a stranger or a friend on Instagram.

Suppose you met a friend on this social media app and shared a few memes with each other. You can scroll to the first message to check these messages and read your conversation, but that’s not really an option for people you are close with. The only way you can get access to the first message is by scrolling all the way down until you get the first message.

You can’t spend hours scrolling your Instagram account, which is where the quick tips come into the picture.

Let’s check out a few alternative ways to get to the top of your Instagram inbox without manual scrolling.

How to See First or Old Messages on Instagram Without Scrolling

Method 1: Download Your Instagram Data (See First Message Without Scrolling)

Instagram allows you to download the data on your system through the browser. It can be done with a few simple clicks. The process is quite easy. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps for downloading Instagram data on your system

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account using your username and password.

Step 2: Open your profile. Click on the ring bar right next to your profile photo and select “Privacy and security”.

Step 3: You will be taken to a new page. Scroll down to find the “data download” option and click on the “request download” button.

Step 4: Enter your email address and select from HTML and JSON format (whichever format you want to collect the data).

Step 5: Once you have selected the format, click on “next” and enter your password.

Step 6: If you have your password saved on Google, you will be able to use it as it is. If not, you need to type it in the bar to request the data download.

There you go! Your data will be downloaded and sent to your email in a few hours. However, it may take up to 48 hours for the team to download your data. That rarely happens though. In most cases, Instagram sends the requested data within 1-2 hours. Once you have received the email from Instagram, click on it and select the “download data” option.

As you click on this button, you will be taken to the Instagram login page. Enter your username and password. A code will be sent to your number (if you have enabled two-factor) authentication. Once you enter this code, you will get access to the data in your selected format. As you open this file, you will see all the information stored on your Instagram, including the messages you have shared with people and, not to mention, the first message you sent to the target user.

There is no need to scroll. You can read the messages from the first text. You may need to do a little digging, as there is plenty of information downloaded along with the texts you exchanged with the target user. But, it only takes a couple of minutes. And, it is a lot better than scrolling all the way down to the first message (which might take up to an hour and more depending on the number of messages you have shared with the person).

Method 2: Easy Scrolling App (View Old Direct Messages on Instagram Without Scrolling)

Let’s face it – the above method might be the most direct way to read the first message somebody sent to you on Instagram, but a vast majority of users won’t be comfortable using it. Think about it – you have to request to download data on Instagram, check the file sent to your email, convert the JSON or HTML format into a readable format, extract these messages to your Excel file and give them a read. That will be too much work.

So, an easy way to fix it is by using the easy scroll app. Easy scrolling app comes with functions that allow you to jump to the first message or automate the scrolling process so you don’t have to tap your screen over and over again. The app also allows you to adjust the speed of scrolling. You can set speed to the highest if you want to get to the first message quickly.

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