How to Read First or Old Instagram Messages Without Scrolling

We read our chats a lot when we want to relive our memories with someone. It takes us on a nostalgic journey. However, in order to begin that journey, we must first get to the initial message. It may appear that this should be a simple task as if simply pressing a button would suffice. The real world or, should I say, the online world is not the same.

read old instagram messages without scrolling

If you want to read old messages from the beginning on Instagram, you’ll have to scroll for hours to get to the first message. That would not be acceptable. So here we will discuss some path or suggestions which will help you to get your initial or old messages easily without scrolling.

Let me state the obvious without raising your hopes. In Instagram Direct Messages, there is no direct way to quickly scroll to the top (DMs). Fortunately, you can begin reading your Instagram messages right away.

How to Read Old Instagram Messages Without Scrolling

1. Read Through Instagram Data Download

You will need to download Instagram data in JSON format and convert the JSON messages into a readable format for this.

Let us discuss this in detail:

Because the feature is not available in mobile apps, you will need to use a computer to download Instagram data.

  • Open the Instagram website in any browser on your PC and sign in with your credentials.
  • Click the profile icon at the top of the Instagram home page.
  • On your profile page, click on the gear icon next to Edit Profile.
  • Click on Privacy and Security in the resulting pop-up.
  • Scroll down to the Data Download section of the Privacy and Security page and click on Request Download.
  • Your email address will be pre-populated. Press the Next button.
  • You will be prompted for your password. After that, click the Request Download button.
  • That is all there is to it. Now sit back and wait for Instagram to send you an email. Instagram emails can take anywhere from 1 to 48 hours to arrive.

Instagram data will be downloaded in ZIP format. Download and extract the ZIP file to your computer. Your computer will make a new folder with the same name as the ZIP file. Take a look at it. There are several folders containing pictures and videos in JSON format.

You will notice that you have a direct folder and a messages file. The direct folder contains all of your photos and videos sent and received via Direct Messages (DMs). However, for the time being, we are only concerned with the message file. Notepad can be used to open JSON files. And if you do, the data will be illogical, especially if your inbox is overflowing.

As a result, we must convert the message file into a more readable format. After converting the messages file into readable format you will able to download your conversation in excel format and will able to view all your conversations easily by using the search bar menu in the excel sheet.

2. Use Your Keypad in Instagram (DM)

To use this option you need a laptop, computer, or tab because you will not able to use this option in mobile applications. Using this option is very simple and easy. You just need to have a good memory to use this option. It possible that If you met someone who has become your special one so there may be a possibility that you might remember the first message you have sent to that individual. Or in another scenario, there might be some special message which has been exchanged between you two which have made a place in your mind which are never going to forget. So you just have to simply remember that words and execute in this option. Let us discuss this in detail with proper steps.

  • Open in a web browser.
  • Log in using your username, mobile number, or email id and password.
  • Click on Instagram direct message option available on the top in right side. Facebook messenger type symbol will appear beside the home button.
  • Click that messenger button, select the user whom you want to have old the old messages.
  • Now, tab Ctrl+F on the Instagram messenger screen you will find a popup coming out on top of the right side like a search bar from your browser.
  • Write the words which you remember while having chat with that user, you will be automatically taken to that particular message which you have searched for in search bar.
  • Words that have been searched in the search bar will be highlighted in Yellow color. So that it becomes easier for you to find that conversation.

No worries if you have used those words many times or repeatedly just click Enter button you will be navigated to the same words whenever you have used them while having a conversation. Select the word from where ever you want to start and enjoy reading your conversation.

This option is easy and it is hassle-free. You don’t need to scroll that messages for a long period of time. Using this method will save your time and will help to get your old messages in no time.

3. Use third party Applications

There are few applications available on the market which help you to recollect old messages on Instagram without scrolling. An application like an easy scroll is the most recommended application which will help you to get your old messages without scrolling.

One can install this application from the app store or play store. After installing this application tab to open, you will see options on the right-hand side in blue color to go on top, to go down to stop, etc in the application, then the application will ask for some initial setting which you have to do and you have to go for OK, and then the application will ask for some accessibility, provide the access asked by application enable user service, now after providing accessibility you will see the screen with some options like general, scroll application and many more on the top.

Select scroll and then you will see the option of speed below customize button and select the speed button and drag it at whatever speed you want to recollect older message, you can select 500% for a better result, now tab back button, select long tab button in move page and drag wait time to zero and drag wait time in repeat scroll to zero too.

Now open Instagram messenger select the user of whom you want to read old messages. And use the option available on right side in blue colour to go on top as soon as you will click on top button ^ the application will start taking you to older messages even the messages are 3 months, 6months older or a year older it will keep scrolling up within the fraction of seconds and if you want to come down or on newer messages, you can select downwards button to come down. If you find the message which you are looking for you can stop scrolling by pressing the pause button available in the middle of the options bar. It will be in fractions of seconds and you will able to enjoy reading older messages easily without any hassle and scrolling for a long period of time on Instagram.

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