How to Watch Someone’s Instagram Live Video without Them Knowing

Instagram Live allows you to broadcast video to your followers in real-time as part of Instagram Stories, a feature that debuted in August and is now used by 100 million people daily. One significant difference between Instagram Live video and existing live broadcasting products such as Facebook Live and Periscope is that Instagram Live video is completely fleeting: the video disappears as soon as the broadcast ends. There will be no replays.

watch someone's instagram live video without them knowing

Live video on Instagram Stories allows you to connect with your friends and followers in real-time. Going live requires only a few steps from the Instagram stories camera, and once you’re finished broadcasting, your video will disappear as soon as the stream ends, which may encourage more Instagrammers to join and feel more comfortable sharing live content. On the other hand, the fact that the content will no longer be viewable once the stream ends creates a sense of urgency for viewers to avoid missing out.

Instagram Live is a fantastic way to interact with your audience in real-time while displaying a less filtered and more human side of your brand. When you create an Instagram live stream, you can easily reach a larger audience. When you go live, followers who have their app open will receive a notification that you’re broadcasting.

As Instagram live is so much popular among the people and as discuss 1 million people use this feature on Instagram there is a chance that you have to be an audience of live streaming video of an individual, your favorite star, artists or any sport person you follow but you don’t to let them know that you have joined their live streaming video. The reason can be anything, might be you want to hide your identity, or if the live streamer is your ex and you just not let her/him let it know that you have joined the live streaming. So there might be many reason apart from this but yes you can watch live streaming on Instagram without letting them known.

We have discussed some points how one can join live Instagram videos without letting streamers known in detail below:

How to Watch Someone’s Instagram Live Video without Them Knowing

1. Change Your Identity

Using this option is one of the easiest and safest ways to join the live video without letting them known. You just have to change your identity by changing your username, your profile picture, Bio, and your name for a temporary purposes. As soon as the live streaming gets over you can change your profile to the original one. To change your identity you can follow the step mentioned below:

  • Log in to your Instagram account, with your login credentials.
  • Click on the profile picture available on the bottom right-hand side.
  • Instagram will take you to your profile, tab on the Edit Profile option.
  • Change your Name, Bio, Username, and Your profile picture from the Edit profile option.
  • After changing above mentioned things click on the blue ✓ mark available on right-hand side on top.
  • Your Identity is changed now.

Now your profile is completely changed from what you have before. So now if you join the live stream on any individual or star he/she will not be able to recognize you as your profile picture and other information is not permanent one. You just have to change your name and other information, join the live streaming and you will be a part of the live video as an audience without letting them known.

2. Use Fake Account

Fake Instagram accounts, also known as “finstas” or “spam accounts,” have become the norm for many teenagers but their motivation is not as disturbing as you might think. As everything on this internet world exists has advantages and disadvantages. Having a fake account on Instagram have the same mythology. Sometimes using a fake account may be beneficial to any user.

Fake accounts are been used to increase the number of followers, to bullying their close ones, or many other reasons. Having such a fake account may be beneficial in such situations as joining live videos without making them known. Using a fake account to join a live video will hide your original identity in front of the live streamer.

You just need to follow that particular individual with your fake account and make sure you kept your notification on for Instagram so you get notified whenever they go live and you can log in to the fake account and join their live video.

3. Use Someone Else Account

There might be a case where you can use your friend’s account to watch your favorite star or individual live streaming. There might a case where you and your friend may follow the same star or individual whom you are a fan or admire. So in case, you don’t let that individual or star know that you are watching them live from your personal account you can start live streaming from your friend account so that your name doesn’t appear while they streaming live.

For that, you need to reach to your friend or have to get his access that is username and password to get login through his account. For getting that access make sure you should be a loyal friend to him. And using another’s account without their permission is an offense make this thing clear before using any account illegally. 

Hope this above-mentioned suggestion may help you to enjoy or watch your favorite individual or star live without knowing them.

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