How Long Can I Keep My Instagram Account Deactivated Before It Gets Deleted?

Instagram has certainly pioneered the path for photo sharing on social media. This app is to photographers what morning tea is to all of us—a necessary and unavoidable part of life. All aspiring photographers, even professionals, now have a platform to share their work and grow their audience. The platform is popular with both brands and millennials. Therefore, the app has long since dropped its reputation as merely another social media platform for photo sharing.

long can i keep my instagram account deactivated before it gets deleted

It continues to close the distance between brands and the people they are trying to reach. Instagram is also a haven for small companies. Today, the app is becoming our go-to platform for shopping for anything from gifts for friends to keepsakes for the house.

There are grey days we wish we could take a moment for ourselves and deactivate the app for a while. But many people seemingly get confused about how long we can keep an Instagram account deactivated before it gets deleted.

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How Long Can I Keep My Instagram Account Deactivated Before It Gets Deleted?

To begin, if we look at the Instagram guidelines for deactivating your account, they don’t specify how long we may leave our account inactive. You may only delete your account once each week, and it is the only thing they specifically state.

So, Instagram won’t remove your account when you deactivate it. The app has included this feature For users who do not want to delete their accounts. Therefore, you are able to deactivate your account for as long as you wish and join in normally whenever you like.

But there are people who have reportedly claimed that their account has been deleted on forums like Quora. They allege that their account has been deleted because they did not open it for a prolonged time.

You must understand the underlying problem if your account won’t reactivate and you suspect it may have been deleted. You may be using the incorrect username and password when signing in. It is the main cause of account people not getting access to their accounts. You can also log in every couple of months if you get anxious.

How to deactivate my Instagram account

Instagram usage is at an all-time high among people. People frequently post pictures of their memories online, and Instagram is the ideal platform for saving such moments forever. However, there are instances when the app might make you feel unnecessarily anxious, and we are all aware of its other downsides.

We may think if all the damaging outcomes are fair and what steps to take to get our lives back in order. Do you ever wonder if it would be wise to deactivate your Instagram account in certain circumstances?

You know, you’re not the only one who has these thoughts. You could be distracted by the app and unable to concentrate on your upcoming exams. You could even find that you spend more time on the app than you do in the present. Well, this is definitely not the way to live your life.

People may require a hiatus from the app for a variety of reasons, and the app allows you the choice to do so. However, we must inform you that the official mobile app for Android will be useless if you want to deactivate your Instagram account.

According to the Instagram help center: You can only deactivate your Instagram account from a computer, a mobile browser, or the Instagram app for iPhone.

The steps are simple, and we will walk you through them. So, be careful to follow us and successfully deactivate your account.

Steps to deactivate your Instagram account:

Step 1: In order to begin, you should head to your default web browser on your PC/laptop or mobile device.

You should then log in to your Instagram account using your basic login details.

Step 2: You will find the profile picture icon in the bottom right-hand area if you use a mobile browser. So, move ahead and tap on it to continue.

long can i keep my instagram account deactivated before it gets deleted

Alternatively, you should see the profile picture icon in the upper right section if you are using your PC to deactivate the app.

Step 3: There must be an Edit profile option on the screen under your Instagram username. You need to tap on it.

long can i keep my instagram account deactivated before it gets deleted

Step 4: You will be taken to another page where you must navigate to the Temporarily deactivate my account option. This option is present at the end of the page. Tap on it once you locate this option.

long can i keep my instagram account deactivated before it gets deleted

Step 5: Upon following the previous steps, you will be taken to Instagram’s account deactivation page.

Do you see the Why are you deactivating your account section? Please select a reason from the dropdown menu.

long can i keep my instagram account deactivated before it gets deleted

Step 6: In the next step, you should re-enter your password to continue the steps.

Please note that you can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Step 7: In the final steps, you must tap on the Temporarily deactivate account option.

In the end

Let’s revisit the points we covered now that our discussion has come to an end. Our topic revolved around one of the commonly asked questions from Instagram users. We addressed: How long can I keep my Instagram account deactivated before it gets deleted?

We have given a detailed explanation of this question in the blog. So, we hope you go through it to understand it better. We then went through how to successfully deactivate your Instagram account.

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