How to Recover Deleted Instagram Comments

Considering the growing popularity of Instagram, it goes without saying that Instagram has become one of the leading social networking platforms for people looking for reliable and entertaining content. From memes that keep you entertained to interesting photos and videos, Instagram is your go-to platform.

recover deleted instagram comments

The platform has launched the “Recently Deleted” feature that enables users to retrieve the posts and content they had deleted from the site within 30 days. The feature works only on the posts that were deleted in a month.

Have you ever posted a comment and hit the delete button right next to it? Whether it was your comment on someone else’s post or you deleted a comment you had received on your post from a friend or colleague, it is absolutely possible to recover a deleted comments.

If you want to recover deleted Instagram commnets then you come to the right place.

Here you can find complete guide on how to recover deleted Instagram comments in 2021.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Comments

To recover deleted Instagram comments, tap on the undo button right on the top of the screen immediately after you delete the comment. It is important to note that this warning message will be available for only 3 seconds. So you have only three seconds available to recover Instagram comments.

If you do not recover the comment at this time, it will be permanently removed from your comment section. This option is for those who deleted the comments by accident and now want to retrieve them.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Comments

Unfortunately, you cannot recover permanently deleted Instagram comments. Suppose you deleted a comment and couldn’t hit the undo option within 3 seconds, the comment will be removed permanently, and you can’t recover it.

Whether it was on your account or someone else’s account, once the comment is deleted, it is deleted forever so long as you did not tap the undo option. However, if you really want to retrieve the comment, you could try to reach out to the Instagram support department to restore the comment. But don’t count on the team to help you. They have hundreds of thousands of such requests pending.

Here’s what you must keep in mind to avoid deleting your Instagram comments in the future.

So far, the only way you can prevent the Instagram comments from getting removed or deleted is by capturing a screenshot of the page. This way, you will have proof of the comments you received on the post.

There is not a lot you can do to protect Instagram comments. Once they are deleted, they will be gone forever unless the person has accidentally deleted and they click on the “Tap to Undo” button to retrieve the comments.

There are quite a few Instagram comment recovery tools designed to help you recover the deleted comments on Instagram. These tools may or may not work.

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