How to Recover Deleted Comments on Instagram [Updated 2023]

See Deleted Comments on Instagram: Considering the growing popularity of Instagram, it goes without saying that Instagram has become one of the leading social networking platforms for people looking for reliable and entertaining content. From memes that keep you entertained to interesting photos and videos, Instagram is your go-to platform.

recover deleted instagram comments

Recently, the platform has launched the “Recently Deleted” feature that enables users to recover deleted Instagram photos and videos that they had deleted within 30 days.

Have you ever posted a comment and hit the delete button right next to it?

Whether it was your comment on someone else’s post or you deleted a comment you had received on your post from a friend or colleague, it is absolutely possible to undo deleted comments on Instagram.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to see deleted comments on Instagram.

Can You Recover Deleted Comments on Instagram?

Yes, you can recover deleted comments on Instagram but only for a very brief period; 3 seconds to be precise. Allow us to explain.

As soon as you delete a comment, have you ever noticed a red warning that pops up on your screen saying, “1 comment deleted. Tap to undo.”?

If you haven’t noticed it before, don’t worry; we can’t really blame you for it as this warning message appears only for 3 seconds and will disappear on its own afterwards. However, if within that period, you manage to tap on this warning, your action of deleting that comment will be undone, and the comment will return to exactly where it was located initially.

How to Undo Deleted Comments on Instagram

To undo deleted comment on Instagram, tap on the Undo button right at the bottom of the screen immediately after you delete the comment. It is important to note that this undo warning message will be available for only 3 seconds. So you have only three seconds available to undelete a comment on Instagram.

recover deleted instagram comments

If you do not recover the comment within 3 seconds, it will be permanently removed from your comment section. This option is for those who deleted the comments by accident and now want to retrieve them immediately.

How to See Deleted Comments on Instagram

Unfortunately, you can’t see deleted comments on Instagram once it permanently deleted. Suppose you deleted a comment and couldn’t hit the undo option within 3 seconds, the comment will be removed permanently, and you can’t recover it.

Whether it was on your account or someone else’s account, once the comment is deleted, it is removed forever so long as you did not tap the undo option.

How to Recover Deleted Comments on Instagram

If you really want to recover deleted comments on Instagram, you could try to reach out to the support department to restore the comment. But don’t count on the team to help you. They have hundreds of thousands of such requests pending.

Here’s what you must keep in mind to avoid deleting your Instagram comments in the future.

So far, the only way you can prevent Instagram comments from getting removed or deleted is by capturing a screenshot of the page. This way, you will have proof of the comments you received on the post.

There is not a lot you can do to protect Instagram comments. Once they are deleted, they will be gone forever unless the person has accidentally deleted and they click on the “Tap to Undo” button to retrieve the comments.

There are quite a few Instagram comment recovery tools designed to help you recover deleted comments on Instagram. These tools may or may not work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recover deleted comments on Instagram?

Yes, you can recover deleted comments on Instagram within 3 seconds by clicking on the Undo button.

Can you restore comments on Instagram after unblocking?

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore previous comments on Instagram after unblocking.

Does Instagram show deleted comments?

Once the comment is deleted from Instagram, it simply disappears from the platform and nobody gets a notification.

Can you recover permanently deleted comments on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot recover permanently deleted comments on Instagram. Once the 3 seconds passed after you hit the delete button, it will be completely removed from the platform.


We began by talking about the possibility of recovering a deleted Instagram comment, only to find out that it could only be done within three seconds of the action and not afterward.

Later, we also explored the control Instagram offers you in terms of deleting comments, both on your own post and on someone else’s. Lastly, we learned about turning off commenting on an Instagram post, the step-by-step guide, which has also been attached above. If our blog helped solve your problem, you can tell us about it in the comments section below.

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