How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos 2020

Recover Instagram Photos: This is a complete guide on how to recover deleted Instagram Photos and Videos in 2020.

In fact,

These same strategies you can follow to find and see someone’s deleted Instagram posts, photos, and videos.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Instagram is by far, the most popular photo-sharing social media app in today’s generation. It’s been around for almost 10 years now and sure enough, each content gets better every day in terms of aesthetics.

Gone were the days of real candid and over-filtered photos which embarrassingly, was something that every millennial went through.

recover deleted instagram photos

But what if you accidentally deleted your photos instead of adding them to archives?

Surely, those Juno, Lark, and Sierra filtered photos are outdated but they’re great memories, right?

First of all, we’d like to clear things out with Instagram’s lack of recovery tool.

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As of today, the app still does not have any type of recovery option. It has no “recently deleted” folder or “recycle bin” that we know of for data recovery.

However, these photos are not completely removed from the server when you delete them from your feed.

Instagram continues to store these photos for legal purposes and they can only be retrieved through a valid court order to be used as evidence.

Otherwise, the customer support team will not budge when you’ve only accidentally deleted anything.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Here you can find possible ways to recover lost or deleted Instagram photos with a breeze.

Simply follow the steps below, and find yourself digitally digging up through photos that you’ll want to keep forever.

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#1. Checking Your Instagram Archive

Is there a chance that you might have transferred your photos to your account’s archives? Possibly.

While this might not be the case for everyone, checking out your Instagram Archives should be the first thing you do to recover your files.

  • Open Instagram and go to the profile page.
  • Tap on the 3-lined icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • A window will pop-up on your screen, select the Archive option.
  • Here you can find recently deleted Instagram photos.
  • Tap on Recover button to save images in your device.
recover deleted instagram photos

#2. Look for Photos in Your Photo Albums

Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, there’s a fine chance that this trick might work for you.

If you have ticked “Save Posted Photos” on your Instagram settings (which is ticked automatically), chances are these photos might still be on your phone.

Simply head over to your photo albums and locate the folder named ‘Instagram’ where your photos are automatically saved once posted.

#3. Check Automatic Backup

For iOS Devices

If you are using an iOS device, chances are you’ve automatically backed up your files on iCloud or iTunes.

Photos are automatically saved on your device once posted and can be restored with the use backups. If you’ve deleted photos in your photo album it’s still likely saved in your backups.

recover deleted instagram photos

For Android Devices

This is only applicable if you’ve used a backup tool or app for Android or if you’ve automatically synced your account with Google.

recover deleted instagram photos

If you can’t find it there, you may want to use a data recovery tool as a last resort.

#4. Use Data Recovery Tool

For iOS Devices

If you’re having a little trouble looking for your files or you might have accidentally deleted them in the past, you can use third-party iOS recovery tools like FonePaw iOS, Mini Tool Mobile Recovery or dr.fone – Data Recovery.

These data recovery tools will not overwrite files on your iOS device and you will simply have to navigate through the tool in order to find your deleted Instagram files.

recover deleted instagram photos

For Android Devices

Some of the best data recovery tools which are compatible with Android devices are Recuva, Disk Drill and Ease Us. These can help you recover your lost or accidentally deleted Instagram photos for free!

One thing to be reminded of when using a data recovery tool for Android devices is that it may overwrite your files. So it is important to note that you should backup your existing files first before using a data recovery tool.

Practicing Backups and Keeping Instagram Photos Safe

Even though you’ve recovered all your needed Instagram photos already, you may want to start practicing backups to prevent losing your files in the long run. There are quite a number of ways to backup your files:

For iOS Devices

The iOS device has iCloud which is a feature where you can choose to backup your files should you accidentally delete files on your phone or you just need to change your phone and still want the same files saved.

This cloud feature from iOS is definitely its most life-saving tool when it comes to protecting and keeping your files where you want them to.

Consequently, if you prefer another photo-backup app, Google Photos is a great app the automatically backs-up all your photos once it detects an internet connection on your phone. This is an amazing tool from Google and by far, the best backup tool for photos which enables you to easily navigate your photos just like any other digital photo album.

For Android Devices

There is a high chance that your Android phone is connected to a Google Account. If not, make sure you have one so you can sync your device and automatically back all your files in Google’s cloud-based backup solution.

You may also go ahead and download Google’s best photo backup app which is Google Photos. Here, you can access all your backed-up photos easily and can sort them out depending on the date or location which makes finding missing photos on your phone’s photo album easier.

Another way you can backup your files from an Android device is transferring and saving them manually on your desktop. This is quite a tedious process but it gets the job done and you get to organize your files the way you want it to be.


Being one of the most used social media apps of today, Instagram has definitely gained recognition as the best photo-sharing app that there is.

Every day, a new photo is uploaded and sometimes photos are also accidentally deleted. Hopefully, these steps have guided you into finding your lost Instagram photos again. If not, you may want to start practicing regular backups on your phone to avoid losing your photos in the future.

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