Instagram Spacer – Add Line Breaks & Spaces in Instagram Caption

Owing to the current popularity of Instagram, it goes without saying that platform has grown into one of the leading social networking platforms. From allowing you to share your day-to-day memories with your followers to communicate with your friends, family, and colleague. It has become a one-stop destination to enjoy a smooth and seamless interaction with your loved ones.

instagram spacer

However, there are a few things people often complain about on Instagram.

For example, you can’t place a link in the post, nor is there any option to add a line break or space in the caption and bio.

Have you ever tried to break the paragraph into different lines on the Instagram caption or bio only to discover that nothing really works?

Well, you can’t use the line break and space function on Instagram.

That’s exactly where the Instagram Spacer by iStaunch tool comes into the picture.

Instagram Spacer tool is designed to help you add line breaks in caption and bio to easily separate paragraphs into small lines.

If you want to add space or line break in your Instagram caption and bio, you will love this tool.

Sound’s good? Just check it out.

Instagram Spacer

Instagram Spacer, known as Instagram Line Breaker, is an online tool that allows people to add blank space and line breaks in their Instagram caption and bio for free.

You only have to type the text or message in the box with a line break and space. After you are done writing, just copy it and paste it to Instagram.

You can rest easy knowing that your caption will be published the same way you have formatted it.

What is the Purpose of Instagram Spacer

The main purpose of the tool is to format the text in your desired way. You must pay close attention to the text formatting so that you don’t end up with the same paragraph-like caption. You don’t have to worry about the number of line breaks you’d like to put in the box.

Not only does the tool help you separate lines and break paragraphs, but it tells you the character limit. Currently, the platform allows only 2200 characters, but you never have to worry about going above that limit with the tool.

Once you are satisfied with the caption, hit “Copy”. This will allow you to copy the whole text and have it pasted just about anywhere you want. Not only for captions, but this trick works wonders for bio and comments too.


I hope guys now you can easily add spaces and line breaks to your Instagram caption using Instagram Spacer by iStaunch. If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.

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