How to See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram (2 Methods)

See Who Doesn’t Follow Me Back on Instagram: While tit for tat is an age-old phrase that we’ve been hearing about since childhood, all of us have given in to the perverse temptation of it at some point of our lives. And it is true that giving someone the taste of their own medicine is strangely satisfied, just as long as you’re not doing something morally or ethically wrong.

see who doesn’t follow you back on instagram

Take the tit for tat game on social media, for instance. Most creators (and some who aren’t creators as well) are part of this game where they’re more cautious about who doesn’t follow them back than about who does, which is quite ironic since their followers should ideally be their concern. But as sad as it might sound, in a world where a lot is dependent on one’s following count on social media, not caring about it can be problematic, too.

This has gained more significance in the recent years because countless netizens these days follow a pointless trend of following someone just to get a follow back, and then moving straight to the Unfollow button. It is to keep these issues in check that creators need to perform a ritual cleanse on their profile from time to time.

But how will you figure out who among the people you follow doesn’t follow you back? Well, if your concern is about Instagram, you’ve come just to the right place. This blog is dedicated to help you out, and if you stick with us till the end, you’ll learn it, too.

Can You See Who Doesnt Follow You Back on Instagram?

Do you know why Instagram is so popular among the creators today? It does have an engaging user interface and attractive creator features, but there’s another bigger reason behind the platform being a popular choice. It is the algorithm of this platform that keeps evolving to encourage creators and promote their content.

So, has the Instagram algorithm come up with a solution to the problem at hand? The answer to your question could be both yes and no, depending on how you see it. The algorithm prioritizes the content of users you have a strong (online) relationship with by putting it at the top of your feed. In other words, if you’re following someone who doesn’t follow you back, their content will never be placed at the top.

However, since this isn’t a direct method of figuring out who doesn’t follow you, if eliminating these users from your profile was your objective, the algorithm wouldn’t be able to help you much. Wondering what will? Allow us to answer that in the next section.

How to See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram

A major drawback to figuring out who doesn’t follow you on Instagram is that there’s no automation for the task yet. In other words, if you want to check who among the people you follow doesn’t follow you back, you’ll have to take the good old manual way to it.

Now, there are two methods of getting this done, depending upon what your goal here is. Do you want to check if an individual user is following you back or not, or is your goal to check that for your entire following list? Don’t worry, like we mentioned earlier, we’re going to help you solve both problems one-by-one. Let’s get started.

To check for some individual users

Suppose you want to check if someone in particular is following you back or not. How would you do that? You’ll be relieved to learn that the process of doing so is incredibly easy. Just follow our lead!

Step 1: Launch the Instagram mobile app on your smartphone.

On the Home tab that you first land on, navigate a row of five icons arranged at the bottom of your screen.

The second icon (from the left side of the screen) in this row, right next to the black Home icon, would be of a magnifying glass icon. Tap on this icon.

Step 2: Upon doing so, you’ll find yourself on the Explore tab.

Can you spot the search bar at the top of your screen? Tap on this bar, and then enter the username of this person in it.

Tap on the Search button once done.

Step 3: In the search results, their profile will show up first. Tap on it to view their full profile.

Step 4: On their profile, towards the right of their profile picture, you’ll find these three options:

Posts, Followers and Following

Tap on the third option here, and if you find your username there on top, it means that they follow you back.

On the other hand, if you don’t happen to find your name that list, it indicates that they aren’t following you back. Now, whether you want to continue to follow them or stop it is your choice.

To check your entire following list

If you want to check whether every single one of your followers is following you back or not, we have bad news for you. It is going to take a little bit longer to get it done manually, but we’re happy to guide you through it regardless of that.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram mobile app on your smartphone.

From the Home tab, navigate your profile picture’s thumbnail icon towards the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on it.

Step 2: Doing so will take you to your own Instagram profile. Here, next to your profile picture, you’ll see three options:

Posts, Followers and Following.

You need to select the third option to open the list of all the people you follow on the platform.

From here, you can start selecting users and tapping on their usernames to reach their profile.

Once you’ve landed on their profile, repeat the step 4 from the guide in the last section to check if they’re following or not. This can get tedious if you have a longer following list, which is why we have another alternative remaining for you. Keep reading to find that out.

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