How to Send Messages on Ashley Madison Without Paying

We all long to be good partners for our wives, girlfriends, husbands, or boyfriends. And to be a good partner, you need love. Love that lasts. Love that’s beyond any worldly definitions. Love that builds upon trust and companionship But sometimes, love is not enough. Sometimes, the love that made you decide to live your life with your partner starts to fade away. And at other times, mere love becomes insufficient for your needs. And you, a lonely soul amid your unrequited desires, start inching towards other ways to fulfillment.

send messages on ashley madison without paying

Love is in the air. And you might want to get a breath of fresh air. But you want to keep your affair a secret, don’t you?

Well, Ashley Madison is the perfect platform to fulfill all your extramarital fantasies. So if you’re considering getting on the platform to start a new relationship, you’re good to go!

But if you don’t want to pay, things will be difficult. And it will affect your messaging experience as well.

But we are here to help. Keep reading to discover indirect ways to use Ashley Madison without paying, and discover whether you can message people without a subscription.

How to Send Messages on Ashley Madison Without Paying

Well, that depends on who you are.

Ashley Madison’s rules apply differently for males and females. If you are a woman, congratulations! We have good news for you. But if you’re a man, things are not quite the same, and the platform will be much more expensive.

Let’s consider each case separately.

For males:

Being a man can be difficult. And if you are a man looking for a match on Ashley Madison, things are definitely gonna be a lot more difficult for you.

You can create a free account on AM without paying a dime. But unfortunately, a free or guest account is of little practical help if you are looking for some serious relationship on the platform.

When you sign up as a Guest Member on AM, you get access to a handful of basic features. You can search for people, view their profiles, and edit your profile and settings. But if you want to send messages, you’re out of luck.

When you sign up on Ashley Madison as a man, you only get one free message you can send to anyone you want. But that’s all. You don’t get to go any further. You can’t carry on the conversation without buying credits.

Basically, Ashley Madison is a paid platform for men.

For females:

Being a woman can be even more difficult. But not on Ashley Madison! Women get the upper hand on the platform as they don’t have to pay for messaging on the app!

Yes, the so-called “married dating” platform is completely free for women. So if you are a married or single female wanting to find a man to get along with, you are free as a bird. You don’t need to pay anything to message on the platform.

In fact, you don’t need to pay anything to do anything on the app. You can use all the services for free just because you are a woman! How great is that!

Is there a trick to send messages for free on Ashley Madison?

We would have loved to answer this question by telling you about some secret method or tool that enables you to send free messages on Ashley Madison. But unfortunately, there is no secret trick or tool to send messages for free on the platform.

Of course, the platform is free for women, as we mentioned above. But if you are a man, you must pay and buy credits for conversing with your matches or doing other things.

Now, you might find several websites on the web that say they can get you free access to AM and its features. But think about it. Will these methods work? The answer is a no, by all means. Other than wasting your time and asking for your information, these sites do not help you in any way. And it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

How does the pricing structure work on Ashley Madison?

The pricing framework on AM is different and a bit complicated. You don’t need to purchase a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription but need to buy credits to avail yourself of the platform’s services.

Credits are an integral part of the Ashley Madison ecosystem and are essential to perform all major tasks on the platform, such as messaging or posting. You need to have credits in your account to do all these things. And you need to buy these credits from the platform.

The pricing structure for credits is based on the number of credits you want. The lowest credit package– the Basic package– comes for $59 in exchange for 100 credits. The Classic tier of the pricing structure stands at $169 for 500 credits. And the third and final plan, called the Elite plan, costs $289 for 1000 credits.

Naturally, as you go up the ladder to purchase the costlier plans, the cost per credit reduces considerably, giving the costlier plan the impression of being affordable.

How do credits work on Ashley Madison?

If you think that the credit pricing system is expensive, think again. The platform has some more expensive things other than the pricing structure itself.

As we mentioned earlier, men have to pay for everything that matters in the app, while women can have all the fun for free. And the credit system on the platform makes it all the costlier.

Credits are used to do almost everything on the app. You will have to spend five credits to view a message or post a picture. You will spend credits to chat on the platform. One hour of chatting may cost you 50 credits. Even seeing your messages can cost you credits.

This way, doing anything on the platform will make your pocket lighter if you are a man.

The bottom line

So here is the bottom line for you if you want to use Ashley Madison for your extramarital affairs: You are lucky if you are a female, as you can do everything for free. But being a male is not so lucky a fate.

If you are a male, you can’t use most services of the platform without paying a heavy amount. You need to pay to send messages on the platform. And if you are not careful, the credits can disappear pretty quickly. In other words, Ashley Madison is a great platform if you have some dollars to spare. After all, a few bucks are a fair trade for getting what you want- the affair you always wanted!

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