How to Know if Someone is in Another Call in Messenger (2 Methods)

Tell if Someone is Video Chatting on Facebook Messenger: Messenger is an instant messaging service introduced by Facebook in August 2011, after the social media giant replaced Facebook chat. To your surprise, it is possible to use its service without evening owning a Facebook account. You can use Messenger in conjunction with Facebook by simply visiting on your laptop, or else you can also use the Messenger mobile app.

know if someone is in a call in messenger

Primarily used for one-to-one messaging and group interaction, you can send images and videos to someone using Messenger. Messenger offers you cool stickers, built-in emojis, and GIFs to improve your chatting experience.

It also lets you have an idea when someone is typing messages to send you, whether your messages have been delivered to the recipient, and whether they have seen your messages.

The list doesn’t end here; Messenger also facilitates video calling and voice calling for you. The Phone icon, which is visible at the top of your chat, is used for voice calls. When you want face-to-face interaction with your friend via a video call, you need to tap on the Camcorder icon next to the Voice call option at the top of your mobile screen.

If you have been regularly using Facebook Messenger, checking someone’s online status on the platform might have crossed your mind.

Let’s accept it, at a point in time, we all have stalked Facebook profiles and kept track of some people’s online status. But have you ever wondered whether it is possible to know if someone is on voice call in Facebook Messenger?

Hold your horse! In this guide, you’ll learn how to know if someone is in another call in Messenger.

Can You Tell if Someone is Video Chatting on Facebook Messenger?

Is your girlfriend acting these days suspiciously? Are you curious to know whether your spouse is talking to someone on Facebook Messenger? Is it possible to know if someone is on another call without calling on Messegner?

Yes, you can easily tell if someone is video chatting on Facebook Messenger with the help of some techniques. Also, you need to know that even though there are specific techniques to know if someone is in a call in Messenger, they are somewhat intrusive.

Let us go through these methods one by one.

How to Know if Someone is in Another Call in Messenger

1. Facebook Notification to Your Rescue

If you are suspicious that your guy is engaged in a voice call with someone on Facebook Messenger, just call them right at the moment. In case your suspicion turns out to be accurate, there is a fair chance that an error message will show up on your screen. This message will let you know that the person you are trying to reach is now engaged in another phone call. 

However, kindly note that this method is not absolute. Your Facebook Messenger call can even pass through when someone is on another call. You might not even realize that the person is talking to someone on Facebook Messenger when you have called them.

2. Keep a Check on the Status Bar

Do you want to know whether someone is on a call in Messenger using a stealthy trick? Why interrupt someone when they are on a Messenger call? We have the Status Bar for you! To get the hang of this method, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: In the first step, you need to open the Facebook Messenger app.

Step 2: Now, you will find People in between Chats and Stories at the bottom of your screen. Give a tap on the People icon, which resembles two faces.

Step 3: As soon as you tap on People, you will get to know the Facebook users who are currently online. If you use an iphone, you will notice a blue messenger symbol next to the profile photos of online friends. For Android users, if a green dot appears next to a friend’s name, it denotes they are online.

Step 4: When you find someone is online, try contacting them via text. If they do not respond to you on time, there’s a fair chance that they are busy with someone. But again, there is no absolute guarantee that the concerned person is busy on a phone call.

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