How to Know if Someone Kicked You Off TikTok Live

TikTok is a vibrant world where a creator’s ideas come true, and viewers join the entertainment. The app has many amazing features, but we’ll focus on TikTok lives. You can witness your favorite creators interact with their audience in real-time. But despite the excitement and allure, there’s a commonly asked question: why do TikTok creators occasionally exclude us from their live streams?

know if someone kicked you off tiktok live

It’s time to uncover the mysteries of these shocking dismissals and find the factors at play. You know, there are likely more reasons than you might imagine why someone would decide to remove you from their TikTok live.

The first step to viewing their live again from your main account is to understand why you were barred. But the question that interests us the most is how to find out whether you were banned from TikTok live.

You’ve come to the right spot since we’ll explore this subject more deeply below. So, let’s dive right in to get started.

How to Know if Someone Kicked You Off TikTok Live?

Being cut off from a live broadcast is not the finest feeling in the world, especially if it features one of our favorite content creators. You must know that nothing stops the creators from kicking you out if you aren’t on your best behavior on the platform.

Of course, there are ways to find out whether someone truly removed you, so keep an eye out for them as we discuss them in the following sections.

Method 1: You were blocked by the host

Are you worried that your favorite influencer has removed you from their live stream? Look for the message that says, “You were blocked by the host,” immediately. This notification should serve as strong evidence that you have been blocked by the account doing the live.

Method 2: You are no longer viewing the live stream

Do you ever find yourself viewing something live, and then suddenly you can’t view it anymore? Yes, it does happen, and we largely blame it on glitches or bugs, but that is not always the main cause.

You might no longer be able to access the live content because the person hosting it has prevented you from doing so. Please use the technique below to verify your suspicions if you’re unsure whether you’ve been blocked.

Method 3: Rejoining the live stream is not possible

We all join TikTok lives, but occasionally unreliable connectivity makes it challenging to stay connected while having fun. TikTok may kick you out of live streams due to that or other glitches, and the only way to access them again is to rejoin.

Simply reopen the live if that is the case. Joining is easy if your networks are stable and there are no other problems. You’ve probably been kicked out, my friend, if, despite your best attempts, you cannot re-enter the live space, but your friend sitting next to you can.

Reasons to get blocked from a TikTok live

It’s disappointing if you’re attempting to rejoin a TikTok live but are unsuccessful, yet there are several reasons why a creator would take this action. You must look out for particular reasons you were barred if you want to prevent this issue.

Reason 1: You broke the rules for the TikTok community

We strongly advise you to carefully review the app’s community rules before using it. You will be informed of the app’s dos and don’ts here.

Make sure your actions don’t cause any blocks from your favorite creators or the platform itself. Never harass or threaten someone else, especially a minor. Avoid making harsh comments on the live that make the hosts uncomfortable unless you want to suffer the repercussions.

Reason 2: Creators suspect you are a fake account

Don’t allow TikTok content creators to ban you from their lives randomly. For popular creators or brands, holding live streams is a way to interact with their fans and fellow creators or perhaps even introduce their products and build anticipation in real-time.

They don’t want to risk getting bad press or weird comments. Thus, they never take risks. So, you can occasionally get kicked out even if you are not at fault.

Chances are you don’t have a profile photo, followers, or posts establishing your legitimacy as a genuine user. If a TikTok live host believes you are a troll seeking to disturb the calm, they may remove your account.

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