How to See History of Videos Watched on TikTok

TikTok Watch History: This is a complete guide on how to see videos watch history on TikTok.

In fact,

These are the same strategies you can use to see liked and saved videos history on TikTok.

So if you want to see videos already watched by you on TikTok then you will love this guide.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

See History of Watched Videos on TikTok

If you are following updates regularly then you probably heard about the hidden view counter feature, which is capable of showing you How many TikTok videos you have watched from your account.

But if you will use this counter than you came to know that you have already watched millions of videos on TikTok, that something sounds weird and shocking to you, even creators are shocked after seeing the likes count on their videos.

see history of videos watched on tiktok

But this is unfortunate for them as these numbers that these counter shows are nothing to do with views at all, they are just cache actually.

Now the question arises What is cache? Let’s look for it!

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What is the Cache?

In simple terms. A cache is temporary storage, where application store data, mainly to improve the speed and performance of the application.

For example, when you watch something on TikTok, it will store some data related to that history in the cache, so that next time whenever you watch the same thing again then it can perform faster as data is already preloaded due to cache.

So now let’s check why people interrelate cache with view counter and clear this confusion among people.

For that go to your profile first and then click on three horizontal lines icon, find out clear cache option from it where you find a number written appended with symbol M.

If you click on clear cache option then that means you are clearing the TikTok video watch history.

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How to See History of Videos Watched on Tiktok

At this point, TikTok doesn’t have any feature that allows users to see their videos watch history or have a proper view count.

But if you liked or favorite any video on TikTok app then they are available for later viewing.

  • To like any video you can double-tap the heart icon, you can view all your liked videos later by clicking the heart icon present at your profile section.
  • To favorite any video you can either long press on that video or by clicking on the share icon and then “Add to Favorites”. You will find all your favorite videos by clicking on the “Bookmark” icon present in the profile section in the application.
  • You may also look for your viewing history by downloading your data from the TikTok application. This way is not 100% correct or guaranteed as we have not heard anything about it from the developer’s desk and data we have requested may or may not come back.


At the end of this article, I hope you will find this article helpful as I have already mentioned there is no official way to see your viewing history, but you can try above tricks so that you will be able to reach near to your goal.

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