How to Fix Facebook Music Story Not Showing

Facebook is such a cool way to connect with your friends and family. We all have been in a situation where we have received a friend request or an inbox FB message from our old school/college friends, office colleagues etc.

facebook music story not showing

We can all relate to that warm, nostalgic feeling of reconnecting with people we have lost touch with due to time or distance constraints. Apart from connecting with your friends, Facebook is also a purview of your personality.

The kind of stuff one shares on their social media is a direct reflection of the kind of person he /she is and the manner in which they wish to be perceived by people.

Although Facebook is all about putting forth stuff that appeases our mind and senses, it’s various interactive features play a great time in embellishing the beauty of our thoughts, pictures and videos.

Let us talk about the music feature on Facebook. We have all come across various videos which are uploaded by our friends with an enchanting musical background.

Just like Instagram, Facebook also allows us to add music to our stories as Facebook, Instagram, what’s app are all connected.

Have you ever thought about doing the same thing to your FB story but have failed in doing so?

Let us explore the reasons for the same and try to figure out a way to fix a Facebook music story.

How to Fix Facebook Music Story Not Showing

1) Open the Facebook application.

2) In the middle left corner of your screen, you will see the option ‘Create Story’.

3) When you click on that, a screen will pop up with three blocks at the top.

4) The second block will have ‘Music’ written on it.

5) You can click on that and select the song/music of your choice to upload your Facebook music story.

If this option doesn’t work then you might need to update your application as this feature works only on the updated version of the app.

Here is how you can update your application

1) Go to your play store / app store.

2) Type Facebook in the search bar.

3) A tab will open spring Facebook with an ‘update’ option on the right side of the screen, next to the Facebook icon.

4) Click on ‘Update’

 When your Facebook application is updated, you can restart your ‘Facebook’ application again and repeat the former set of procedures.

You should see ‘Music’ option when you click on ‘Create Story’.

If you are still unable to add music to your Facebook story then you need to follow the following procedure.

1) Go to the setting in your mobile phone or Ipad.

2) Search for the option ‘applications’ or ‘apps’

3) After that click on manage apps.

4) After clicking on ‘Manage apps’ select ‘Facebook’ from the list of options that open up on the screen.

5) After that your screen will show various options.

6) Click on ‘Force Stop’.

7) After that click in ‘Clear data’.

8) After all the data is cleared from ‘Facebook’

Tick all the permissions for the application

9) Make sure that all the options in the ‘Restrict data usage’ are first  toggled off and then switch it on.

You might be logged out of your account at this time, so you can log in again and see for yourself and hopefully you will be able to fix your FB music story seamlessly.


Facebook, just like Instagram is a very multi faceted application. It has so many interesting features that you can easily use to add life to your images, videos, stories and updates. So, go ahead and try out the solutions mentioned in this blog and update amazing musical stories on your Facebook profile.

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