Can You See Who 1 Other Viewer is on Facebook Story?

It is fair to say that the market is saturated with social media platforms, given their widespread availability. Some applications are designed for a certain age range, while others are accessible to just about everyone. Facebook comes to mind when mentioning an app that is user-friendly for the general population. The app is one of the first social media platforms for so many of us reading the blog today, isn’t it?

can you see who 1 other viewer is on facebook story

The features have been a big part of why the platform has consistently been at the top of its game. However, we cannot dismiss the reality that the newly added story feature has significantly influenced the app’s popularity.

Anyways, we have one unanswered issue. Can you see who 1 Other Viewer is on the Facebook story? Why not read the blog if you’re here wondering about the same issue to get your answers right away?

Can You See Who 1 Other Viewer is on Facebook Story?

Stories have gradually assimilated into social media. Open any major social media platform, such as Instagram or Facebook, and you’ll see that sometimes people share more stories than posts.

When we share our stories, we are frequently ecstatic to see how many people have seen them. We’re positive we’re not the only ones.

In addition, viewing story views is a straightforward procedure. However, you notice that there is a tag for 1 other viewer next to the names of your viewers.

You might be wondering who the person is and how we can reveal their identity. Note that users who are not your Facebook friends on the app are considered the “1 other viewer” of your story. However, this appears because they have checked your profile and have seen your story.

Let’s now talk about the blog’s primary query: Is it possible to see 1 other Facebook story viewer?

First, kindly remember that the app hides their name for privacy reasons. Therefore, there is no possibility that you will ever discover who is hiding behind the other viewer’s label.

They might be a casual Facebook user or your app followers. We are aware that you are a person of curiosity and that you were interested in learning who was hiding behind.

However, let’s be clear: Facebook won’t permit it. The only way to ease the curiosity is to change your Facebook story options moving forward to friends.

You might be wondering why we say this. Well, you attracted this extra viewer because you made your story public and enabled anyone to sneak a peek at it if they so desired.

Why don’t you change your settings if you are unhappy with this right now? Please read the section below for more information.

How to change privacy settings for the Facebook story?

We all enjoy seeing how our favorite friends respond to our stories while they are viewing them. As much as we adore them, we detest the random strangers who occasionally loiter on our profiles and watch our private moments.

It’s okay if some of you unintentionally or accidentally made your story visible to the public. We’re here to help you right now. You already know that the only way to remove the tag for an additional viewer on Facebook stories is to change your privacy options.

So, let’s look at the step-by-step instructions below to see how we can change our privacy settings.

Steps to change Facebook story privacy settings:

Step 1: Navigate to Facebook and select your story from the top of the page.

Step 2: Click on the gear icon to access the settings page. Search for it in the top right corner and tap on it.

Step 3: Can you see who can see your story category under the story privacy page? There are four options: Public, friends, hide story from, and Custom.

Go with the friends option to not let random individuals watch your story next time.

In the end

Now that we have reached the end of our discussion, why don’t we take a few minutes to revisit the topics we have learned today?

The topic we discussed was, “Can you see who 1 Other Viewer is on the Facebook story? Please refer to the section where we have more information about the issue. Additionally, we also discussed preventing other viewers from seeing your story.

Please be aware that some users use third-party apps to assist them in identifying other viewers. You can do the same if you discover a dependable one. We sincerely wish you have received the answers you were seeking. You are welcome to leave comments and pose any remaining questions.

Please forward this blog to anyone you think might be in need of these solutions. You can add our website to your favorites for more tech-related information.

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