Can Someone Who Blocked Me See My Facebook Story?

Blocking on social media is now a common practice, and there are instances when it is absolutely necessary. But being on the receiving end of this harsh feature doesn’t always leave a good feeling, right? But there are users that can block you, and well, you cannot be a hero of everyone’s story. Even though the reality is painful, life goes on. There are instances when individuals go on blocking sprees for a number of other reasons, and you get caught up in a rush. Anyway, there must be questions now that you have been blocked, right?

can someone who blocked me see my facebook story

We can’t really blame that because our minds are wired to think, isn’t it?

The primary topic of discussion for the blog is can someone who blocked you see your Facebook story, which is a question that many Facebook users are curious about. It wouldn’t be nice to keep you all waiting since we know that many of you are here to learn the answers. Let’s move quickly to the following sections to get our answers now.

Can Someone Who Blocked Me See My Facebook Story?

Please get this fact straight: If someone blocks you on Facebook, they will not be able to see your Facebook story. Let’s now discuss the cause of this.

Starting off, blocking is the most effective tool that social media networks give us to sever ties with a user. Facebook, for example, will understand easily in this context that you no longer wish to communicate with an individual at all.

A blocked user cannot participate in any of your online actions on the platform. They are unable to see your Facebook account, posts, messages, profile photo, or Facebook stories.

However, they cannot watch it on Facebook, but they can occasionally get around this restriction with ease. Although it is unfortunate, we want to keep you informed so that you are at least conscious of it. We’ll talk about how someone who has blocked you on Facebook can view your Facebook account.

They have unblocked you on Facebook

This is the official way for Facebook users who have blocked you on the app to view your story. You must accept their friend request first.

As you may know, we are not notified when someone blocks us on an app. Therefore, there is a good chance that we won’t even realize they have us blocked until they send us a friend request once more. However, we might believe that they unfriended us accidentally.

They will therefore be able to view your story if it is still up on your account if you accept their friend request. Please be aware that anyone can view your story if the settings are set to public.

However, you won’t even know who they are because they will be stated under the tag for other viewers. So, you can play around with your Facebook story settings to stop outsiders from watching your story and change it to either friends or custom.

They used a second Facebook account

There are many Facebook users who have multiple accounts. We all have a main account where, of course, we interact with people using our real names. But people also use second accounts for other purposes.

They might not feel comfortable telling people who they are, or they might just want to stalk individuals. In any case, we’ll reiterate the same justification from the earlier explanation because we assume you already understand it. If they send you a friend request, you might accept it. This will mean they can see your Facebook story.

They asked a mutual friend

The idea of a mutual friend is one that we are all very familiar with on social media. One of the social media sites that utilize this idea is Facebook.

In essence, this indicates that you and the other Facebook user have friends in common. Some of you may be wondering how a common friend can be helpful in this situation.

Well, you need to read this: Your mutual friends can easily screenshot your story and send it to the person who has blocked you! It is absolutely possible, isn’t it? Therefore, if you have a few common friends and you know someone has blocked you, you can forewarn them beforehand.

Why not prevent the friends you have in common from seeing your story as well if you are still uncomfortable with it? Let’s talk about the basic instructions for changing your Facebook story settings!

Steps to change the Facebook story settings:

Step 1: Run the Facebook app on your device. You must be logged in to access your account.

Step 2: Tap on your story and select Settings (gear icon) at the top right corner of the page.

can someone who blocked me see my facebook story

Step 3: Upon doing so, you will be directed to the Story privacy page on the platform.

can someone who blocked me see my facebook story

Step 4: Do you see the who can see your story option? There are four options: Public, Friends, Hide story from, and Custom.

Hide story from: This option lets you choose who to hide your story from on the platform.

Custom: Here, you can choose people to share your stories with.

Select between these two options, remove or exclude the target person and post your story!

can someone who blocked me see my facebook story

In the end

We’ve decided to end this discussion now. So, let’s go over the topics we’ve already covered, shall we?

Today, we answered a frequently asked query about Facebook. We addressed whether a person who blocked you on Facebook could still view your story. We trust you will check it out because we discussed the question thoroughly.

Do you now have the answers you were seeking? We sincerely hope that our answers have satisfied you. If you have any additional questions, kindly leave feedback for us. We are available to respond to your questions.

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