How to See Who Unmatched You on Tinder (Find Unmatched Tinder)

Find Someone Who Unmatched You on Tinder: All of us use a wide range of social media platforms in our everyday lives, but have you ever wondered why all of these platforms interest you? Well, it’s because different social platforms have different purposes and different USPs.

who unmatched you on tinder

Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are professional platforms where users prefer to keep public profiles to expand their reach and gain more exposure.

Other platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a blend of both private and public account users. The former kind of users come here for their entertainment, while the latter kind uses it for the promotion of their content/business.

And then, there are dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and OkCupid that offer the ultimate secrecy to their users in order to help them browse for the right partner anonymously.

It is about one such privacy policy of a dating app, Tinder, that we are going to talk about in our blog today.

The world of online is tricky and unpredictable at best, which is why there must be some ground rules all users must adhere to for the safekeeping of their privacy. And what else could be the most important aspect of privacy on a dating website except anonymity?

As a user of social media, you must agree on how sensitive people can be while discussing their dating life. Under these circumstances, if the platform you’re willing to join doesn’t offer you the anonymity of browsing, matching, and unmatching on the platform, would you even consider joining it? We’re positive that 8 out of 10 users would hesitate to do so.

Therefore, Tinder offers complete anonymity to all its users when it comes to matching and unmatching profiles.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to see who unmatched you on Tinder.

Stay with us till the end to learn more!

Can You See Who Unmatched You on Tinder?

Unfortunately, there is no way to see who unmatched you on Tinder. The whole concept of swiping on Tinder relies on the concept of anonymity, which is why you cannot find a solution to this problem on the platform.

who unmatched you on tinder

Can Third-Party Tools Help to Find Someone Who Unmatched You on Tinder?

Third-party tools make our digital lives so much easier, don’t they? Any time we’re facing a problem on a social media platform, we go running to a third-party tool for help. So, if you feel like you’ve been unmatched by someone and want to figure out who, can a third-party tool help you with it? Unfortunately, not.

There’s no third-party tool currently in the market that can do it for you. And if you’re looking forward to such a tool being designed in the near future, we’d have to ask you not to hold your breath. Even if such a tool were to be launched, they’d be sued right away by Tinder for trying to breach its privacy policies. Either way, you wouldn’t get to use it, so why wait?

How to Know if Someone Unmatched You on Tinder

Initially, when someone unmatched you on Tinder, any traces of their existence would be wiped out from your account and vice versa. And while such a policy was put in place to uphold users’ privacy, some users started exploiting to harass or abuse other people on the platform and then ghost them, deleting all traces of their crime.

who unmatched you on tinder

When Tinder’s Support Team got the whiff of it, they were quick to take action and removed the clause that deleted two users’ conversations when one of them chose to unmatch the other.

Now, if you unmatch someone on Tinder after chatting with them, it would delete your conversation with them from only your account and not theirs. They will still be able to see this chat in their Chats tab, only in grey color. So, if someone ghosts you on Tinder after talking to you, you’ll always know.

Can You See Tinder Match Again After Unmatching Them?

So far, we’ve talked about the possibility of you being unmatched by someone else on Tinder. But what if the tables were turned? Surely you can unmatch with other users, too. So, once you unmatch someone on Tinder once, can they re-appear on your swipe tab? Well, such a thing doesn’t happen on Tinder, so if it’s happening with you, it’s a clear sign that this person must’ve created a new account on Tinder.


We’ve discussed how privacy and anonymity are two major concerns for almost all users of dating websites like Tinder. We talked about how there’s no way of finding out who unmatched you on the platform once you’ve been unmatched.

Moreover, after being unmatched, you have zero chances of finding them again on Tinder unless you upgrade your plan or create a new account. Under such circumstances, I believe moving on from it is your best course of action. If we’ve helped resolve your query, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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