How to Fix VW Bluetooth Not Working

Picture this: You plan to turn on your Bluetooth for a jam session while driving a long drive in your Volkswagen. With Bluetooth installed in your VW, staying connected while driving is a snap.

fix vw bluetooth not working

But even the best vehicles occasionally have problems, and this time, your VW Bluetooth is giving you trouble. No matter what you try, it just doesn’t work for some reason.

We must reassure you that getting your VW Bluetooth to work is simple before your mood worsens. Make sure to follow us as we walk you through troubleshooting Bluetooth not functioning difficulties in this blog.

How to fix VW Bluetooth not working?

You are not alone if your VW’s Bluetooth has ceased functioning, so don’t worry. We understand seeing the issue and coming up with a fix is urgently needed.

Finding out precisely what’s wrong with the Bluetooth is the first step. Is there a pairing problem? Or is it possible that the audio quality is poor, and you simply can’t listen to anything?

There may be various issues, but we’ll walk you through the most typical ones, along with workable, practical solutions.

Fix 1: Restart your device

Shall we start with something basic? Shut off your smartphone if you are unable to connect Bluetooth every time you try.

If you think this would be a nuisance, put it on airplane mode for a little while. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings when the phone restarts.

Make sure your volume is up, and try connecting again. Putting the audio level down low isn’t going to allow you to hear anything, is it?

Fix 2: Check for compatibility issue

First, if restarting doesn’t resolve the issue, see if your gadget is compatible with VW’s Bluetooth software. This is crucial since an incompatible device will prevent a good connection.

Make sure your device and your VW are near each other to avoid any connection problems. You can determine the cause of the connection’s malfunction by following these steps.

It’s important to note that, occasionally, certain audio files may not work with the car’s Bluetooth system. That means that even when your Bluetooth is connected, you won’t be able to hear anything. To test whether it works, please try playing different music.

Fix 3: Get the car started again

Just like your device, your car may also require a quick restart. Ultimately, the vehicle also has electrical components, which may require a brief restart.

Please keep in mind that this only functions with current VW models that have Bluetooth integrated. Additionally, some Volkswagen models enable customers to connect to a device even while the engine is off.

Do you own one of these models? If you do, please kill the engine of the vehicle while pairing the device. Don’t take this action lightly because it’s likely what was creating the problem in the first place.

Fix 4: Remove all Bluetooth connections

If the problem persists, would you mind deleting all of the current Bluetooth pairings? Perhaps making a fresh start will solve the problem.

You must unpair after completing the phone deletion process, which erases connected devices. After it is finished, you need to try a new pairing.

Hopefully, the Bluetooth will be operational again. If not, please check out our other solutions, as we have more to cover.

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