How to Turn Off Location on Airpods

Disable Airpod Location: We know people and their obsession with almost every other apple product, right? Of course, people love them, and there are a lot of right reasons for purchasing them. But we have to name one product that people absolutely love; it is to be the apple airpods.

 turn off airpods location

Apple Airpods are one of the most widely used products available right now. And if you adore Apple and its style of design, we’re guessing you already own a pair of these wireless earphones.

Various factors are at play in the recent rise in the popularity of airpods and in consumers’ decision to buy them despite their high price. These wireless headphones are great for attending a zoom meeting or listening to music. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of airpods, which are offered in several categories.

Airpods come with individual cases. They also have one of the best noise-canceling features available, which is obvious given their exorbitant price. The audio quality is better, and even the microphone is of a higher caliber in this product.

However, despite all the benefits of airpods, we know that losing them is a typical occurrence. You can always trace the gadget if you find yourself in that position.

We are going to solve one of the airpods woes people have today. There is a common question that people have, and that is how to turn off their airpods location. Let us solve this right away in the blog.

How to Turn Off Location on Airpods

Method 1: You must disconnect your airpods from your iPhone

This is the conventional way to switch off your AirPods location, so give it a shot first. The AirPods are not self-sufficient, as we all know. You must pair it with your iPhone for it to work. Therefore, it stands to reason that your AirPods won’t function if you unpair them from the iPhone.

Let’s examine the manual unpairing instructions that are supplied below.

Steps to unpair airpods from iPhone:

Step 1: Open your iPhone and navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to find Bluetooth on the page and tap on it.

Step 3: Do you see the i icon right next to the name of your airpod? You should tap on the Forget this device option.

turn off airpods location

You must confirm your action for the cancellation process by tapping again. Your airpods will be removed from the iCloud platform once you follow the steps.

Please note that you can also find your airpods name at the top of the screen when you enter the settings page. So, if you happen to locate it on your device, you can directly unpair your airpods from here by opting for the Forget this device option.

Method 2: resetting airpods to factory settings

Another method for disabling the location feature is to reset your AirPods to the factory defaults. People reset their AirPods to the factory default for multiple reasons.

 But one of the common reasons is that their airpods might not be working. Your AirPods will also be disconnected from any other Apple device you had previously paired them with once you successfully completed the process.

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