How to Know If Someone Deleted Their Kik Account

Social media platforms always help us do a lot of things we couldn’t do easily otherwise. They have eliminated the gap between countries and communities and have introduced us to different countries and cultures. But most of all, social media has enabled us to talk with anyone anytime, anywhere, without moving an inch. We often meet people online and discover shared interests. Be it a friend, family member, or just a fellow stranger, having an interesting conversation is all it takes to enjoy the social media experience.

know if someone deleted their kik account

However, social media can surprise you in its own unique ways, and people who come to your virtual life can disappear just as quickly from your friend list, leaving you clueless about what might have happened.

If you notice the absence of a person from your social media account, one of the reasons can be that the person has deleted their account. But how can you be sure that the account has been deleted? The answer to the question varies from one platform to another.

For the next few minutes, we will discuss how you can know if someone deleted their account on Kik. If you are a Kik user who wants to know the truth about account deletion on Kik, this is the blog for you.

How to Know If Someone Deleted Their Kik Account

To be honest, there is no sure-shot way you determine whether someone has deleted or deactivated their Kik account. You don’t get any notification telling you that “your friend’s Kik account has been deleted,” or “say goodbye to your friend before their account gets deleted.”

Any changes made to an account, including account deactivation or deletion, are private matters on Kik. Since each member is protected by the platform’s privacy measures, Kik doesn’t notify anyone when someone deletes their account permanently or deactivates them temporarily. This is not surprising as you would see most other leading platforms doing the same– they don’t provide you with a way to ascertain what has happened to an account.

With that said, some other ways can help you know if someone has deleted their account. When an account gets deleted, many restrictions are imposed on it. More or less, it usually seems the account never existed at all.

By carefully observing some key changes that occur in the case of account deletion, you can be almost sure that someone has deleted their Kik account. Here are some of the indicators that can help you determine that:


If you have previously chatted with the Kik user in the past, your previous chats will still be visible on the Chats tab. You can still be able to open and see those messages on your Kik app. However, if the account has been deactivated, you won’t be able to send any new messages to that person. The status of the messages will remain at S (sent) and will not change to D (delivered).

know if someone deleted their kik account


When someone deactivates their Kik account, their account gets removed from the Kik ecosystem. As a result, their account doesn’t pop up when you search for their username in the search bar.

So, if you know their username correctly yet cannot find them, it might mean that they have deactivated their Kik account. However, the same thing can happen when you have blocked them, or they have blocked you.


Kik allows you to find Kik users who are on your phone’s contact list. If you have this option enabled on your Kik app, contacts who are on Kik appear on your Chat screen so you can chat with them and be friends.

If someone you have never chatted with deactivates their Kik account, they will disappear from the list of contacts on Kik. If you could see them earlier, you wouldn’t be able to anymore.


As we all know, group chats are one of the key features of Kik. You can create a group with multiple friends and chat together about anything you want. But when one of the friends suddenly vanishes from a group, it indicates they might have deleted or deactivated their account.

If you cannot find a friend in a group chat and can’t message or search for them, it likely means they have deactivated or deleted their Kik account.

If you notice that all the above indicators are true for the concerned person, it likely means they have deleted their account. However, any of the above indicators is also true if you have blocked the user on Kik (or vice versa). And sadly, there is no way to differentiate whether an account has deactivated their account, deleted it permanently, or blocked you.

What is the difference between a deactivated account and a deleted account on Kik?

Deleting and deactivating a Kik account has roughly the same consequences except for the fact that one is a permanent step and the other is a temporary one.

If you wish to take a short break from using Kik to connect with friends, family, and strangers, you can just opt for a temporary deactivation. But if you want to leave Kik permanently, you can do that by deactivating your account permanently.

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