How to Recover Deleted YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most widely used internet video-sharing services nowadays. Everyone wants to join the YouTube community and establish their brand there today. Therefore, it makes sense that you will witness individuals from all walks of life swarming the platform. You can subscribe to creators that regularly upload a large number of videos that you like on the app. This streaming service for videos also provides income to a huge number of creators from all over the world.

recover deleted youtube channel

When we first launched our YouTube channels, we all set high goals, but only some ended up getting the big break. So, the goal of running a successful YouTube channel is occasionally dashed. Deleting your YouTube channel looks like the best course of action at times like these. Sadly, many of us take this action before later regretting it.

If you’ve come here looking for techniques to recover a deleted YouTube channel, you can be confident that we’ll be able to assist you. We’ll go through a few more reasons why your account can be deleted from this blog. So, let us take a closer look at everything we covered in detail in the blog.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Channel

You should be aware that, just like every other social media platform, YouTube has a set of rules that you must follow. The app will deactivate your YouTube channel if you break these restrictions. Additionally, YouTube strictly prohibits copyright infringement, and your channel will be terminated if you are found using someone else’s content without their permission.

But we erase our accounts to discover that we actually need them again occasionally. The deleted YouTube channel can be recovered, and we will explain how to achieve so in the section below.

You must know that the duration of the YouTube account cancellation impacts the recovery process. The recovery is simple if it was erased during the first three weeks. However, it becomes more challenging and occasionally completely impossible after this time limit has passed.

Recovering deleted YouTube channels via Google settings

We must stress that once a YouTube channel is deleted, it cannot be recovered and is lost forever. However, we’ll focus on one of the ways that we can help you in this regard. The only requirement is to sign into Google with the same Gmail account you used to access the deleted YouTube channel.

The brand account won’t be able to find the deleted account, making the technique ineffective if You follow the link using an unregistered email address. Let us guide you through the procedure so you will stay aware of the situation along the way if you are ready.

Steps to recover YouTube channel via Google settings:

Step 1: To begin, you need to open your Google browser and enter: Brand Account and follow the link.

Step 2: You will find three available choices: Pending invitations, email preferences, and deleted accounts.

recover deleted youtube channel

Select deleted accounts.

recover deleted youtube channel

Step 3: In the end, you must tap on the option to recover your YouTube channel that has been deleted. You must follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

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