How to Hide Participants in Whatsapp Group

Most of us might feel guilty about spending too much time on Instagram, or Twitter, or Snapchat, but when it comes to WhatsApp, we’re all innocent. The platform has become so much a center of our universe that all our important work takes place here; it also keeps us connected with our close friends and family.

hide participants in whatsapp group

And what better way to celebrate long distance relationships than to make groups, where you get to be a part of the family just like old times. Where you can share funny pictures, important milestones and achievements, birthdays and festivals, and so on.

In order to truly make the most of the WhatsApp group, one must know all its ins and outs. In this blog, we’ll address a common concern surrounding these groups. Keep reading to find out more!

How to Hide Participants in Whatsapp Group?

To get straight to the point, let’s begin by addressing your concern first. You’re wondering how you could hide the participants of a WhatsApp group, right? It goes without saying that this action is intended to keep the other members of the group from knowing about each other.

But doesn’t the idea of two users being participants of the same group without knowing about each other sound absurd to you? Because it is. First and foremost, we must tell you that there is no way of hiding the Participants list of a WhatsApp group. At least not until now. It’s that one piece of information that any user is privy to as soon as they join the group.

Now, even if such a feature was going to be launched, to what extent could it have proven to be beneficial to you? After all, even if you can’t see other members in the list, surely the messages they sent will be visible to you.

How would that even work? We think it is because WhatsApp is yet to come up with an answer to this conundrum that the feature is still absent on the platform.

What other alternatives do you have in this case?

While hiding participants in a WhatsApp group isn’t something you can do on the platform, there are several other ways of monitoring and regulating a group’s privacy if you should so wish.

The first thing that you can do to make this happen is by adding  Invite Only access to the WhatsApp group.

As most of you might already know, there are two ways of letting people into a WhatsApp group: one is by sharing the link, and the other is by sending an invite.

In the latter option, the admin is required to approve the user who requests to join the group, only after which they’re let into the group. This setting is an added layer of shield that prevents people from coming into the group without your knowledge, which plays a key role in maintaining the privacy of the group.

However, you must not forget that this method will only work effectively as long as you’re the sole admin of the group. Because once other people are involved, there’s only so much control you can practice.

The bottom line

With this, we’re ready to wrap things up for the day. Our focus in today’s discussion was on WhatsApp groups; places on WhatsApp where a group of two or more people can hang out together.

We explored whether or not it was possible to hide the participants of these groups, only to find out that there wasn’t. Moving forward, we also talked about other ways of keeping the group chat more private, which can be done by using the Invite Only option.

Is there anything else about WhatsApp groups that you have a doubt about? Look for a solution of it here.

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