How to Automatically Forward Text Messages to Another Number

Automatically Forward Text Messages to Another Number: For the last twenty years, a lot of people have grown used to forwarding only their email messages. But, as technology progressed, it has become increasingly possible to also forward text messages with your android phone.

forward text messages to another number

There can be several reasons for which you may wish to forward text messages to another phone number. Now of course, you can manually forward all the messages that you want to the different numbers. But it is quite time-consuming. This small article will help you learn how you can forward text messages to another number quickly and easily.

You may want to forward important messages to people or send your messages to another number that you use. There can be a number of other reasons for wanting to forward text messages.

How to Forward Text Messages to Another Number

1. Third Party Applications

There are a number of different third party applications that are available which will let you forward your text messages to other numbers. Some of these services are free while others come with a premium version.

Essentially, the premium versions let you forward as many messages you want, as many times you want to as many numbers that you want. The free apps are more limited in this sense. But there are several text message forwarding apps available that will also let you forward your messages from your computer. Additionally, these apps can help you delete all unwanted messages, import or export text messages, read them aloud and even reset your messages easily. Hence, a lot of people use such applications.

After installing such an app, all you need to ensure is that your phone remains connected with your computer during the entire forwarding procedure. Now you can connect your phone to your computer through USB cables, WiFi or Bluetooth. Then you choose the messages that you would want to forward and then start forwarding them to the contacts that you want.

The process is quite simple. You can even forward entire text conversations with these apps.

2. Forward Text messages with Android

Google’s Android offers an easy to forward text messages from one Android device to another. First you should open the Messaging app from your phone. Then select the messages that you want to forward from the message tab. Then click and hold the messages, you will then see a pop up message on your screen. IF you continue to hold the message then you will see several options in the pop up box. There will be a specific option for Forwarding your text messages. Click the Forward option and then start to add all the contacts where you want to forward your text message to.

In case you do not have a certain number on your contact list, then you can also add the number manually. Finally click the send option to start sending your messages to the recipients. You will get delivery reports once the messages have been sent to the contacts.

This process can seem a bit tedious. But it works without fail every time and will not need you to install any third party software or app.

3. SMS Forwarding Application

In the event that you want to send your messages automatically to numbers where you wish to forward the text messages, then you can use an SMS forwarding app. These apps are not free and are specifically used by business professionals for marketing and other purposes. You can find these apps on the Play Store. Install the app that you want, after going through the detailed reviews of course.

After installing the app, you will need to create an account with your Google credentials. Then you should enable the SMS forward mode. You can also enable the Miss Call forward mode. You will get a number of on screen prompts that will guide you to put in your destination numbers. Remember to put in the various area codes also.

The rest of the process is quite easy and automatic. All the selected messages will get forwarded to the selected receivers. You will not need to connect your computer with your phone to avail this service.

You can also preset for certain messages to automatically get forwarded to certain numbers.

4. Forward Text Messages to Email

A lot of people are more comfortable in using email to convey crucial messages and still prefer using them over text messages. But text messages have become increasingly popular and hence, people may wish to combine email services and text messages. This is especially so if they want to share any important information or save some information permanently. Android technology offers you the possibility of doing this and directly forwarding your text messages to email address accounts.

You can manually select the text messages which you want to send from the Messaging App on Android devices. Then you will also get an option for forwarding the text to an email account after you long press the selected message. Once the pop up message opens, put in the email address and then click send. Your message will be delivered. Of course, you can also use third party apps to do so. These apps automate the entire process and you can even preselect certain messages that come from specific numbers to be automatically forwarded immediately to your desired mail addresses.


If you want to forward your text messages to another number from your android smartphone, then you will have several options to help and guide you. The methods mentioned above are some of the most popular and easiest ways to forward text messages. It will not matter if you want to send your message to a friend or a number of colleagues, but these methods will work every time.

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