How to Find Lost AirPods Case (Track Airpods Case)

Track Airpods Case: If AirPods are the pea, AirPods cases are like the peapods. People might think that it does not have many functions. But trust us when we say that it comes with several advantages. They help to safeguard and customize your AirPods.

find your lost airpods case

Of course, you need to protect your AirPods from scratch and scuff, but a little style experimentation wouldn’t hurt, right? And, it is essential to make your plain AirPods a little less dull. If we talk about Airpod cases, you see there are easy to lose. And, if you are a careless type, then it is all too simple to misplace them.

And we do not mean that you buy it just so it gets lost. It is simply prone to get misplaced. They are designed to be so sleek and small that you could lose them anytime. Now, you must have heard about the various measures Apple employs to track your AirPods that are lost or stolen.

You can track them via your iPhone app or any web browser currently in use to you. But unfortunately, we cannot say the same for their cases. It isn’t much you can do if it’s the AirPods case we are talking about. The damage is already done, and the path to retrieval is bumpy.

But as the blog progresses, we are going to pinpoint some of the workarounds that you could take help from if you are facing this issue. So, let us not waste time and jump right in.

Can You Track AirPods Case?

Yes, you can track lost AirPods case using Apple’s Find My App only if at least one of your AirPods is in your lost case. Without AirPods in the lost case, you’ll have to rely on AirTags or other tracking devices.

It is a little frustrating and a bummer if you face these problems. But don’t worry, we have some other options under our belt to help you out. After you follow these steps, you will find the location of your AirPods and the case, hopefully, if someone hasn’t got their hands on them.

Why Can’t AirPods Cases Be Traced When Lost or Stolen?

Before we go any further, we need to set the record for those who frequently wonder if our cases can be tracked in the same way as our AirPods can. One important reason for Apple’s lack of such options for its cases is its design. When you look at the AirPods, you’ll notice that they have sensors built in that allow Apple to track their whereabouts on a map. 

What, on the other hand, does their case contain? If you own or have seen one of these Apple AirPods cases, you’ll notice that it’s only for holding the extra battery. Aside from that, it features the additional components needed for wireless charging. Do you believe these factors will aid in finding the location? No, right. 

Aside from that, a lot of people are misinformed about another topic. They believe you can trace your AirPods simply because they were in the cases when they were lost or stolen. Well, it would have been a revolution, Isn’t it? Unfortunately, that is not the case, at least not entirely. Why? 

Because the features of such AirPods are immediately disabled whenever they are placed into your cases. As a result, you won’t follow the location as quickly as you could if the case and buds are separated.

How to Find Lost Airpods Case With Airpods in Them

In this section, we will look at some steps you can follow if you have lost the case with the AirPods in them. Of course, we told you that there is nothing much you can do, which is true. But rest assured since it is not a lost cause altogether. 

Step 1: Locate the Find My iPhone app on your iPhone.

Step 2: A list of all connected devices will appear; choose your AirPods from this list.

Step 3: Look for a green light next to the Airpods. If it is present, then go ahead and press the Play option and play music. If it is close by, you can listen to the music. But if it is not, then click on that Car icon and follow the directions.

What if Find My iPhone Doesn’t Work?

The battery life of Airpods is limited. It’s likely that the battery has been exhausted if you’ve misplaced the case much earlier than you realize. Furthermore, the AirPods will no longer produce the sound that you seek. Moreover, it will not provide you with any information on the location. If this is the case, the actions outlined above will not suffice. 

However, if you cannot use the tracking feature, the next best alternative is to look at your AirPods’ most recent location. You can check there because it is preferable to having no lead at all. Please keep in mind that it will only give you an estimate of where you may have misplaced it, not the specific location.

Replacement of the AirPods case

We hate to disappoint you, but if none of the other solutions work, this may be your only option. So, let us assist you in locating a product that meets your requirements and fits your budget:

  1. Original AirPods case
  2. Third-party options

Original AirPods case

Various empty Airpod cases are available on the official Apple website. You can visit an Apple Store near you or contact the support team online. But there’s a catch: their warranty covers only defective batteries for the first year after purchase. If you lose or someone steals your case, you can get it replaced for a price ranging from $79 to $99 USD. 

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