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Instagram Fake Follower Checker: Influencer marketing has become a popular social media marketing tool for brands. According to the research, brands are likely to earn up to $7 for every single buck they invest in influencer marketing on Instagram. Some brands can make as much as $20 for every buck, while others end up losing money.

instagram fake follower checker

The primary reason that results in this loss is the selection of wrong Instagram influencers. Not every influencer is as credible and popular as they appear on social networking sites.

If you fail to recognize an authentic influencer, there is a high chance you will lose a major part of your investments in influencer marketing.

That’s why we built the Instagram Fake Follower Checker tool to check fake followers and achieve your target in Influencer marketing.

So if you want to check fake followers on Instagram with a free audit then you will love this too.

Sound’s good? Try it out.

Instagram Fake Follower Checker

Instagram Fake Follower Checker by iStaunch is a free web-based tool that lets you find fake Instagram followers for free. It also provides detailed information on social reach, engagement, age of the account, and much more.

So before collaborating with credible influencers, it is essential to check the Instagram account for fake followers using this tool, as it plays a vital role in determining your success.

If the influencer manages to score above or equal to 80 points, then they have authentic followers.

Sure, social media is filled with many popular influencers who help companies spread the brand message to a broader audience. But, there also are people who get so obsessed with the benefits of being a micro-influencer that they create fake accounts and generate fake followers to appear a credible and famous personality on social media.

In simple terms, only influencers who have the ability to encourage people to engage with a particular brand and tempt them into taking actions are worthy of the ‘Social media influencer’ title. The rest of them are only out there to scam people.

Why Do People Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

This is no longer an era where you could believe everything the Instagrammers say. Everyone claims to have 100% real followers. But, what if it is untrue?

These people either purchase fake followers or ask real people to follow them for money. No matter what type of followers these, the fact that they are fake and cannot be engaged with the influencer’s post. The bots following an account will not engage with the brands that collaborate with these fake people.

Some people have this misconception that the number of followers determines their popularity on social media. Instead of building a loyal audience, they purchase fake Instagram followers to achieve success overnight.

An influencer is a person who has the power to influence or encourage people to take specific actions. They have the potential to encourage people to buy the brands they endorse. The problem with fake followers is that they may increase your follower count and make you appear as a popular social media user, but they don’t engage with the brands you support.

While Instagram has put several restrictions on fake followers, it can’t always detect and remove them. With that being said, it is the brand’s responsibility to check the influencer’s profile and determine the account’s reliability before partnering with them.

How to Find Fake Instagram Followers

To find out the credibility of a particular user’s followers, you can type the user’s name in the Audience Credibility Checker tool. The tool will return with their score, which is calculated according to the authenticity of the account’s followers. Other than that, here are some warning signs of fake followers.

1. The Unusual Numbers

Does the person have a higher following count than followers? Does the account have thousands of followers, but receive only a handful of likes? Influencers have millions of followers but only follow a few accounts. Even the influencers with 10k followers can have a high engagement rate. However, these followers must be authentic people rather than the purchased accounts or bots.

Another important thing to consider is the engagement rate. The standard engagement rate is approx 1.5% to 3%. If the account has 100,000 followers, their posts must receive 1500-3000 likes on average. If their like or view count is less than this percent, then it is a red flag.

2. A Lot of Followers in One Day

Unless a famous celebrity manages the account, there is no way an authentic Instagram account can generate millions of followers in one day. Usually, bots have the ability to generate thousands of followers in a short period. To look genuine, they post a few pictures and then go inactive for days.

A genuine influencer will build a loyal follower base steadily. They attract their target audience by posting high-quality and impressive content regularly. It is best to stick to these hard-working creators, who actually put effort into building a loyal audience.

3. Empty and Copied Profile Content

Fake accounts often fail to create an impressive profile section. They leave their profile photo blank and add little to no information to the bio section. This makes it harder for people to figure out the reliability of the owner.

Some people even manage to hide their profile details. Do you think an Instagrammer who hides the profile details is genuine? Instagram is one of the active and popular social media sites. Almost every influencer uses their brand’s photo or personal picture on the Insta profile. You will barely find an Instagram influencer with no profile.

So, no profile photo is a red flag. If they were a popular content creator or influencer, they would never leave the profile section blank. Sometimes, people use Fake Instagram Post Generator to look genuine. Again, it is a red flag.

4. Meaningless or Irrelevant Comments

Fake accounts try to purchase comments to look authentic. They do it to prove their engagement rate. However, most of them fail terribly. These comments sound irrelevant and meaningless.

For example, if you spot an Instagram account with ‘Good Job’ and ‘Nice Post’ comments only, there is a high chance this account has fake followers and bots.

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