How to Claim Inactive Instagram Username Account

Claim Inactive Instagram Username: Considering the current popularity of Instagram, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this social networking platform is dominating the market as Instagram holds millions of active users’ accounts.

claim inactive instagram username

People love to share their day-to-day pictures on this platform, influencers endorse certain brands and earn a living, and brands engage customers and increase their conversion rates.

Finding the right username for Instagram can turn out a super challenging job if you are not using any advanced Instagram Username Generator. You must not end up creating an account with a funny and weird username.

Many people create their accounts and use them until they lose interest and end up uninstalling the app from their smartphone. Also, these people forget their account login details. As a result, the username becomes inactive, and no one can create a new account with that username.

So, how can you claim the inactive Instagram account which is no longer interested in using the platform?

In this post, we’ll walk you through the complete guide on how to claim an inactive Instagram username account.

In fact,

These are the same strategies you can use to request Instagram to delete an inactive account and fix the Instagram username taken but does not exist.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Claim Inactive Instagram Username Account

As of 2021, there’s no official way to claim an inactive Instagram username account. But you can file a report of impersonation account or trademark infringement, and Instagram will help you get an inactive Instagram username. Keep in mind, when you file a trademark infringement report, you are taking legal action against that account.

Let’s see it in more details:

  • Open the Instagram Username Availability by iStaunch.
  • Enter the username you want to claim.
  • It will check whether the account exists or not.
  • If it exists and inactive, open the Username Claim Form.
claim inactive instagram username
  • Here you can find four options to get taken username.
  • Select the option which describes your situation. You may select “Someone created an account pretending to be me”.
claim inactive instagram username
  • Next, provide information such as name, email address, etc.
  • After that Upload a photo with your id card for verification.
claim inactive instagram username
  • Once you fill in all required details, tap on the send button.
  • That’s it, within 24 hours, you will receive an email from Instagram regarding your request.

In case, if above steps are not working for you then don’t worry. You can also follow below alternative methods to get taken Instagram username.

Alternative Ways to Claim Inactive Instagram Username Account

1. Copyright or Trademark the Username

The smartest way to get the account transferred to you is by getting the trademark and copyright for the same. Once you get the trademark, you can send complaints to Instagram reporting the copyright infringement issues.

Many people got their accounts back using this tactic. You must create some story or content that involves the username of the inactive account.

You can then make a claim saying that the Instagram account is using your content. The trick may involve a strong plan, but it can get the inactive account closed. Finally, the username will be available for you.

2. Try to Purchase the Account

Sure, the account is inactive for quite a while. But that doesn’t mean the owner of the account isn’t using the platform. You will be surprised to know that some owners will sell their account happily.

But how do you contact them? As they are inactive on Instagram, there’s a high chance they don’t check their Insta DMs or notifications.

Some users share their contact details such as email address or a link to their website in bio. In such cases, you can easily contact the owner by reaching out to them through their contact information.

But what if you can’t find their email id and other contact details. Don’t worry you can use the Instagram Email Finder tool to get their email address.

If you come across an inactive profile whose owner wouldn’t check or reply to your DMs, you can rather try to look for their other social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Let’s say the username of the account is “jimmybacktravel”. You can search for this username on other social networking sites.

Another way to contact the owner is to check their mentions and followers list. You can contact their followers (who appear to be their close friends) and get the owner’s contact info from these people. This trick mainly works when the account has a limited number of followers.

Once you get the contact details of the owner, come up with a perfect offer. What’s the value of the account to you? How much are you ready to pay to buy that account? Does the owner accept the offer?

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3. Make the Account Appear Less Valuable

It might sound a weird trick, but it actually works! If you really want to buy an inactive Insta account and the owner isn’t ready to settle the deal, you can make his/her account appear less valuable.

You can do that by signing up on other social platforms using the same account username. For example, you can create an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc with the username “jimmybacktravel”.

Now that the account with this username is on the different social platforms, its value goes down and the owner is less likely to reuse that account again.

4. Wait for the Instagram to Delete Account

Instagram is trying its best to make the platform authentic. It strictly prohibits fake followers and accounts run by bots. Instagram deactivates the account that doesn’t abide by its terms and conditions.

There’s no guarantee that the inactive account you want to buy will be deactivated by Insta, but it is possible. Long inactivity, spam accounts, and fake followers are the most common reasons for account deactivation.

Furthermore, you don’t get a notification for inactive account deactivation. To stay up-to-date, you must follow that account and check their follower list regularly.

If their follower count drops dramatically overnight, there’s a high chance that Instagram has removed the bot’s account. The usernames of the account that are deleted by Insta can be sued to create a new account.

5. Use a Close Name

You tried to contact the owner but he isn’t ready to sell the account. The account is inactive for days, but it doesn’t have any content that could violate Instagram terms and conditions. So, there’s no point in waiting for an Instagram purge.

But fret not! There’s still a way to get your dream username without infringing on terms and conditions. You cannot use the username of the inactive account owner, but you can come up with a similar username with a little variation. It allows you to create a 30 characters long username. You can add numbers, underscores, letters, and special characters.

For example, if you own a business named “Lora’s apparel”, you can add the country or city name after the username such as Lora’sapparelLA and get your dream username.

Does the Username Matter?

To be honest, no! You don’t need a perfect username to engage with your audience, get followers, and impress your customers. There are active accounts that have millions of followers yet a silly name. Similarly, there are so many users who create an account with a brilliant username but have few followers.

One thing that you must ensure while picking a username is that the name should be available on all major social media accounts. This makes it easier for your customers to find your brand on different social networking sites.

Final Words:

I hope guys now you can easily get an inactive Instagram username after reading this article. If you have any question then feel free to comment below.

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