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Telegram is one of the most popular alternatives to Whatsapp and other social media sites. It has an extensive range of features that give you the best social experience. People find it easier to interact with a group of like-minded people on Telegram. After all, it is a wide network of people from different walks of life.

telegram ip address finder

Telegram is undoubtedly a popular social network site that’s gaining rapid popularity recently. This social media app is used by millions of people worldwide, after all, it allows you to connect with different people.

Some are scammers and there is a good chance they are using a fake identity. While the IP address does tell the place the user is texting you from, you must note that the IP address alone doesn’t give you any power to track the current location of the user.

You can’t know where they are based or where they are currently located just by looking at their IP address. All it gives you is the geolocation of the target.

However, experienced or professional people can use the IP address of the target to their advantage in many ways. For a normal person, all that an IP address does is tell the location of the device where you are getting the texts and calls from.

So, the question is how do you find the IP address of a user from Telegram?

Well, you can use Telegram IP Address Finder by iStaunch to find someone’s IP address from Telegram.

But, before we discuss the methods for finding the IP address, let’s take a quick look at whether it is possible to find IP address on Telegram.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address from Telegram?

It’s easier to find the IP address of a user through the peer-to-peer connection, but Telegram is a social networking site that connects you to people through the Telegram server. This implies that people connect to Telegram through its official server and not to the person directly.

That’s why there is no way the Telegram will reveal the IP address of the user. It values the users’ privacy more than anything else. Simply put, you can’t rely on Telegram to disclose the individual’s IP address no matter where they are located and how often you have a conversation with that user.

Now, the good news is that it’s possible to find the IP address of a Telegram user given that you know a few basic IP-grabbing techniques.

Before we go ahead, note that you do not need any professional-level engineering skills to fetch someone’s IP address through Telegram.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of locating the IP address of a user through this social networking app.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Telegram

1. Telegram IP Address Finder by iStaunch

To find someone’s IP address from Telegram, enter the Telegram username or phone number in the box below. Next, click on the Find IP Address button and you will see the IP address of entered Telegram username or phone number.

Telegram IP Address Finder

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2. Telegram IP Grabber

As the name suggests, this tool is designed for those who need to locate the IP address of a user. It automatically logs the IP address of the person who visits the website. All you have to do is bring the person to the IP grabber website, and there you go! Their IP address will be recorded in the Telegram IP records.

You only have to send a shortened link to the target and make sure that they click on the link to get to your page. You don’t have to send the URL of the IP logger site, as that will be too suspicious. You rather have to send them the link of any random website that has content or information about something the target might be interested in. Before they are directed to the actual URL, this shortened IP-grabber URL will bring them to the IP grabber website where their IP address will be recorded.

If you are having a hard time finding the best IP grabber website, consider using Grabify. It’s free and one of the most versatile IP-grabbing tools online. You don’t necessarily have to register an account with Grabify to be able to use it, but having an account with the website will provide you with a range of exciting features.

Here’s how to use this trick to get the user to the IP-grabber website:

  • Copy the link of a webpage that the target must be interested in and get the shortened link of this URL.
  • Paste this link in the input field of Grabify (you will find it on the homepage of Grabify) and hit the “Create URL” button. The website will provide you with the shortened link of URL with a tracking code. Copy this tracking code, as you are going to need it to locate the IP address of every logged user.

These two steps will help you generate a shortened version of the link, which you can share with the target on Telegram. Do not just send a link to the user directly, as it will look suspicious. You should rather try to initiate a conversation and engage with them for a few hours before sending them the link. Send this link telling the user that it has content they might be interested in and send the shortened link. If you do it properly, there is absolutely no reason why the target will suspect anything and not click on the link.

Once you have confirmed that the target has clicked the URL, head back to the Grabify homepage and paste the tracking code. Once you paste the code, you will get a list of information about their location, browser, operating system, and other important details.

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