How to Know Who Read Message in Telegram Group/Channel

The popularity of Telegram has skyrocketed lately thanks to the extensive range of features it offers. It’s quite easy to know whether someone has read your messages or not on Whatsapp, Instagram, and other social media sites. There is a direct option that shows you the list of people that have seen your messages, but what about Telegram? How do you know if someone read your message on Telegram?

who read messages in telegram channel

For Telegram, the user has to learn the basics of the checkboxes and understand the technique of how they work.

You are only supposed to pay close attention to the different icons that appear on your screen as you send a message to your friends, families, and relatives on Instagram.

Let’s check out the details of these symbols, how they work, and how to know who read message in Telegram group from these symbols.

Understanding Clock, Single and Double Tick Symbols on Telegram

1. Clock Symbol

The clock symbol looks like a round watch icon that shows your text has not been delivered to the recipient yet. The same icon displays on the Whatsapp messages until it isn’t received.

who read messages in telegram channel

There can be many reasons why your text might be taking longer than usual to be sent. For one, your internet is simply down or is malfunctioning. If this clock sign appears on your text messages, try switching your connection to Wi-Fi. Maybe, you have a poor connection that’s making it super challenging for you to have your texts delivered.

2. Single Tick Symbol

A single tick on Telegram means that the text you send to your friends or family has been received, but they have not yet opened the telegram app to read it.

who read messages in telegram channel

However, it’s absolutely possible that the recipient must have read the messages from the notification but they have not opened the app intentionally just so that you don’t know they have seen the texts.

3. Double Ticks

The double ticks simply mean that the person has received and seen the texts. However, the same is quite different for group conversations. If it’s a group chat, a double tick means that one or a few participants have read the texts, but it doesn’t always imply that everyone has seen it. Currently, there is no way you could know who has read the text.

who read messages in telegram channel

On Whatsapp, there is a clear sign that shows who has read the texts and who hasn’t. If you see a blue tick in the Whatsapp group conversation, then that means every participant has read your text.

So, these were the options that show you whether your text was delivered and who read the text.

How to Know Who Read Message in Telegram Group/Channel

Unfortunately, there is no way to check name of the person who read message in Telegram group/channel. However, there is a way to know the number of people who have read or seen your messages on the Telegram group/channel.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open the Telegram app and log in to your account.
  • Head over to the group/channel and look at the bottom right corner of the post or message.
  • Here you’ll see a number of people that read or seen your message or post.

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