How to Join Private Telegram Channel Without Informing Admin

The popularity of Telegram has skyrocketed, and for good reasons. The app has all the features you find on Whatsapp and other social sites. People are using it for communication, business, and other purposes. Whatsapp was considered the most powerful communication app until now, but ever since Telegram launched, it has become one of the leading social apps.

join private channel on telegram

Now, one of the most asked questions for Telegram users is “is it really possible to join private Telegram channel without informing admin?” and “how to join private telegram channel without link?”

Let’s find out if you can join a private channel on Telegram without admin’s knowledge or a link.

Can You Private Telegram Channel Without Informing Admin?

First things first, Telegram has two main options for allowing users to join a channel. One, you can enter a conversation with the admin’s invitation. Two, you can join a private channel with link.

Now, if the admin invites you to the channel, you could easily get access to their content and become part of the channel. However, if you join a group chat with a link you found somewhere on the internet, the admin will know that you have joined a channel and there is a chance they might remove you.

Unfortunately, the admin will have knowledge of who is joining the channel. It is not really possible to take action on the channel without informing the admin, as they are the ones to created the channel in the first place.

join private channel on telegram

So, whether you join a channel through a link you got from your friend or you get a direct invitation, the admin will know who joined the channel easily.

How to Join Private Telegram Channel Without Informing Admin

However, one way you can join a private Telegram channel without notifying the admin is by joining with a fake identity. That way admin will be notified that somebody has joined their private channel, but they will not know your real identity.

Note that this was only for the private channel for which you need a subscription. Anybody can join a public channel without a subscription link, as it is available for all users.

People are allowed to access the private channels through links found on the internet or shares on telegram, but if it is private content, you can watch it for only 5 minutes. You will be asked to buy a subscription later.

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