How to Get Telegram Premium for Free

We all know that there’s just something about the word “Premium” that makes us think we’re getting the best. Correct us if we’re wrong, but our minds often divert to this word on products, services, and even apps! You might be wondering what the deal is with Telegram Premium. Well, it’s the upgraded version of the fantastic Telegram chat app.

get telegram premium for free

With Premium, you can send and receive files up to 4 GB! Yes, you can kiss goodbye to your worries about file size restrictions. Just send over your HD clips and large files to anyone at any time!

You’ll love the quick downloads that the Premium services offer, too. Faster downloads allow you to quickly access documents or other files. But wait, there’s more! You also get exclusive stickers and reactions! They add fun to your conversations!

Many want to enjoy Telegram’s Premium features for free, which is why we’re here today! So, if you’re interested in this topic, let’s look at how to get Telegram Premium for Free!

How to Get Telegram Premium for Free?

Who wouldn’t want a cost-free Telegram Premium? Getting new features without spending any money is an excellent idea.

Sadly, this platform does not allow for a free Premium account trial! So, you must know that no direct methods exist to use a Telegram Premium for free. You must either continue using the free basic version or pay to upgrade to the Premium version.

Moreover, your app has to be upgraded to version 8.8 or above if you want Telegram Premium. Check whether you’re using an earlier version and upgrade it immediately to ensure the Premium version runs without a hitch.

Here’s another thing: Users will be charged for the Premium version based on location! Thus, you must consider the cost of using the Premium services.

We hope you get now that Telegram does not let you use their Premium features for free. Do you know what the last remaining choice is? Well, you must request payment from someone you know.

You can use Telegram Premium without paying any money in this way. If possible, ask your parents, siblings, or friends to determine if this workaround can help you.

How to switch to Telegram Premium?

If you decide to upgrade to Telegram Premium, wouldn’t you want to know how to do it? To be quite clear, upgrading to Telegram Premium is not a waste of money! We hope that knowing about all the special features waiting for you inspires you to buy it. Don’t worry if you’re ready to upgrade to Telegram Premium but unsure how to do so.

We’ll be happy to walk you through the step-by-step instructions below. So, grab your Telegram-installed smartphones and follow along.

Steps to switch to Telegram Premium:

Step 1: Unlock your devices and launch the Telegram app.

Step 2: You’ll see your chat interface. Please tap on the three horizontal lines (hamburger icon) at the screen’s top left corner.

Step 3: A menu list will emerge on your Telegram screen. Select Settings from the list.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page to find the Telegram Premium option and click on it.

Step 5: You’ll be whisked to the Telegram Premium page.

Step 6: Two options are available at the top: Annual and monthly. Choose what plan you would like to go ahead with.

Current rates: INR 2,399/year (37% discount)

INR 319/month.

Step 7: Review all the Premium service’s unique features before you avail of the Premium service and then tap on the subscribe for (your current plan rates) at the bottom.

Step 8: A pop-up will then display on your screen to guide you to the payment page. Choose to continue and make the payment accordingly to upgrade to Telegram Premium.

Congratulations, you’re a Telegram Premium member now!

How to cancel a Telegram Premium subscription?

Although Telegram Premium has many great benefits, it is not always the best option for everyone. After using Telegram Premium, you may choose to reduce the amount you pay on the Premium version to save some money! Perhaps you decide that the basic version is enough and hence the decision to cancel the subscription.

Whatever the reason, we want you to know that you may always cancel your Google Play membership to Telegram Premium! You simply need to follow a few steps! Therefore, follow the steps we’ve mentioned below to cancel the membership plan properly.

Steps to cancel Telegram Premium subscription:

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step 2: Do you see your profile picture in the screen’s top right corner? Please go ahead and click on it.

Step 3: Select the Payments & subscriptions option.

Step 4: Select Subscriptions next.

Step 5: You must choose Telegram in the next steps.

Step 6: Select Cancel Subscription to complete the process.

iPhone users, the steps differ for you, so please pay attention to the guide below!

Step 1: You must first go to your Settings in order to continue.

Step 2: Now, please select your Apple ID.

Step 3: Next, navigate to your Subscriptions.

Step 4: Now, go over to Telegram and choose it.

Step 5: Do you see the Cancel option? Please go ahead and choose it to cancel the subscription.

In the end

That’s it, folks; we are here to wrap up our discussion! If you don’t pay money, there’s no way you could get a Telegram Premium plan. You can only hope to use it for free, then!

However, please be careful not to fall for the tricks of third-party apps and websites that promise to help you. Most frequently, they are dubious apps that make unrealistic claims and fail to deliver the intended result.

Please feel free to leave your comments if you require any more help relating to Telegram from us. We are always here to guide you! Until then, you can check out our website for more Telegram-related tips and tricks.

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